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Fat Absorber TDSL is a product that is being promoted as a weight loss agent. It appears as though the Weight Loss Institute are the main endorsers of this product. It seems that the Weight Loss Institute is being operated by someone that is known as Professor Arnsfeld. There have been claims that suggest that this clinic does extensive double blind research on products in order to prove their effectiveness. In this review the information that is available will be researched so the effectiveness of this product may be revealed.


While research was being conducted, a list of ingredients was not located. However, some other information was revealed that suggested Chitosan as being the main ingredient in Fat Absorber TDSL.

Chitosan is an ingredient that is derived from certain shellfish that is supposed to have the ability to bind fat and prevent it from being absorbed into the body. It was stated that this clinic ran tests on the Chitosan and said that it was effective. However, it has also been stated by the Harvard Medical Board that this ingredient holds no relevance as a weight loss product.

Product Features

There was not much information located on Fat Absorber TDSL. In fact, there seems to be very little information about Fat Absorber TDSL or this supposed clinic. This is known due to the attempts that were found by researching other sources. It turns out that these additional resources revealed even less information about Fat Absorber TDSL and the clinic than the original source revealed.

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  • There may be a return policy associated with Fat Absorber TDSL.


  • The return policy is only for unopened products.
  • Chitosan lacks scientific evidence.
  • A lot of negative consumer reviews were located concerning Fat Absorber TDSL.


It appears as though this Fat Absorber TDSL may not be as effective as the Weight Loss Institute claims that it is. In fact, when it was attempted to research this said Weight Loss Institute, there were several returned results. It appears as though there have been many places that hold the name “Weight Loss Institute.” This makes it very hard for us to establish their credibility as a research institute. So, with having this information, can we really rely on the Weight Loss Institutes claimed results? We have to consider this, especially when people such as the Harvard Medical Board have stated that Citosan has been proven to be ineffective. When it comes to this type of product the dieter may want to opt for another product such as one that has been patented and proven to work by a reputable company with a strong history of accuracy.

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