Fat And Carb Blocker Review

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What You Should Know

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Fat and Carb Blocker is a product that is being presented to us as a weight loss agent that claims to be able to prevent the body from absorbing fat and carbohydrates that are consumed while eating. In this review, the available information will be assessed so that it may be known if this product should be labeled as an effective weight loss supplement.


While information was being gathered on Fat and Carb Blocker so a proper assessment could be performed, there was an attempt to locate a list of ingredients, but the search turned up negative. There appears to be no information available at the time of this review that would indicate what the ingredients may be. It is usually found that when a product fails to disclose the ingredients that it may be ineffective. It is useful to have a list of ingredients while researching so that any potential harmful ingredients or allergen risks may be determined and revealed. It may also reveal the product overall effectiveness. It is impossible to determine any of the above without the list of ingredients.

Product Features

According to the extremely short description that was found for the description of Fat and Carb Blocker, it is supposed to prevent the absorption of fat and carbohydrates that are usually absorbed through food consumption. The theory behind this is, if we can actually block or prevent the fats and the carbohydrates from being absorbed that are usually absorbed after food consumption, then maybe the body would be forced to draw from the built up supply that we already have, thus making the body burn off body fat, possibly resulting in weight loss.

Then, something else was found that may be a pricing list for the Fat and Carb Blocker. It appears that this product is up for sale for $30 for 60 capsules. When compared to other similar products on the web, it was found that this one is rather expensive. Also, if it was not misunderstood, it appears as though the consumer may be forced to order 12 bottles at a time. That brings it to a total of $360.

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  • May help you to lose weight.


  • Ordering 12 bottles at once can be expensive.
  • The ingredients could not be located.
  • Website offered a very poor description of the product.
  • No consumer reviews were available at this time.


The purpose of this review was to try and determine if Fat and Carb Blocker could possibly be an effective product. However, all that was found was a complete lack of information. When looking for a product that will assist in helping someone to lose weight, the consumer may want to choose one that discloses a list of ingredients. This is so they may have a better understanding of how the product works and may be able to determine how effective it is supposed to be.

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