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Fat Blast X-treme is a product that is advertised as being a weight loss agent. It is being promoted as a supplement that can prevent your body from absorbing fat that comes from foods that are consumed. In this review, the available information about this product will be studied so the effectiveness may be determined.


While performing the research on Fat Blast X-treme, it appears that a list of the ingredients was located. This list consists of Chitosan, Psyllium Husk, Malic Acid, Vegetarian Lipase, and Aloe Vera. Now the list of ingredients will be reviewed so that the function of each ingredient may be determined.

Product Features

A look at the ingredients in Fat Blast can help us figure out what it might actually do. Chitosan-this is an ingredient that is derived from certain shellfish. It is considered to be fiber that has the ability to prevent fat from being absorbed into the body and being stored. Psyllium Husk- this ingredient may be used as a bowel regulator. It may also have the abilities to lower cholesterol and control diabetes. Lipase-this is an enzyme that is needed so that fats and lipids can be broken down. It is normally produced in the pancreas. This may be useful in helping symptoms that are related to Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, indigestion, and heartburn. Aloe Vera-although this ingredient is usually used in skin care products, in this case it is believed to be used to support digestion and energy levels.

Fatblast X-treme is a trademarked product that is advertised as a fat absorbing supplement that can assist a person with weight loss. Fatblast X-treme is self proclaimed as having more than 3 times the power to bind fat than any other weight loss product that is being offered on the weight loss market. However, there may be little proof to back up this claim.

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  • May not be as expensive as some products.
  • No stimulants are apparent at this time.
  • Appears to come with a 90 day satisfaction guaranteed.


  • The main ingredient appears to lack scientific proof that can support these claims.
  • Does not recommend a healthy lifestyle that consists of eating healthy and exercise.


At first, the advertisement for Fatblast X-treme appears to be convincing. However, when the main ingredient, Chitosan, was researched with a more in-depth approach it was found that it may not be as effective as the product owner would like the people to believe. Information that was documented by the Harvard Medical Board reveals that Chitosan should not be used as a reliable weight loss agent because it simply does not work. People that are trying to locate an effective weight loss product should not let this information discourage them because there are many products on the market that have been clinically and scientifically proven to work.

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