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Fat blocker appears to be a product that is being promoted as a weight loss agent. Fat Blocker is distributed by a company that is known as SportsLab. It claims to have the ability to block fat before it has the chance to be absorbed into the body, thus preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss. In this review, the information that was located concerning this product will be examined so that there may be some light shed on the overall effectiveness of this product.


While this product was being researched, a list of the ingredients was located. This list of ingredients includes Chitosan, Zinc, Bromelain, and Vitamin C. Now the ingredients will be examined so the function of them may be determined.

Product Features

Chitosan appears to be a fiber that is derived from certain shellfish. It has been documented that some people may believe that this ingredient contains fat absorbing capabilities that could promote weight loss. Zinc- this is an ingredient that is often used to boost the immune system along with many other benefits. However, in this case we believe that the intended function of this product may be to control the insulin levels. Vitamin C-also believed to support the immune system and provide essential antioxidants. In this product, it is not certain what the exact function is supposed to be.

Fat Blocker is a product that is being presented to the public by a company called SportsLab. It is promoted as a weight loss product that may be able to prevent fat from being absorbed simply by ingesting the pills 30 minutes before each meal. This is supposed to help dieters lose weight quickly by forcing the body to use its own fat reserves to function, possibly promoting fat burning.

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  • Contains antioxidants.


  • The main ingredient in Fat Blocker may not be as effective as it was first thought.
  • May only be purchased at wholesale, requiring membership.
  • People that are allergic to shellfish are not able to use this product.
  • Does not appear to contain an appetite suppressant.
  • There appears to be no free trial offers available at this time.


At first glance, it appears as though this Fat Blocker may be used as an effective weight loss product. However, while examining Chitosan on a deeper level, some information was located that may prove otherwise. This ingredient should be described as controversial at best. The reason for this is because there were some statements made that insinuated that this is an effective ingredient, but there were other statements made by people such as the Harvard Medical Board that suggests this product is not effective at all and that it should not be relied upon as a weight loss product. With this being the case, one should probably choose a product that has been scientifically or clinically proven so the results may be guaranteed.

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