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The Fat Burning Diet was created by nutritionist, Jay Robb. It is a book he wrote about the easier diet ever, as claimed by his website.

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The Fat Burning Diet Book relies on three catch phrases: Smart Carbohydrates trick the body into releasing fat, cycling between different types of carbs can help prevent weight loss plateaus, and exercise has little to do with this process of burning fat. The book however, does not advocate carb fasting, and states that having too little carbs usually translates to too much fat and not enough fruits, vegetables, and fiber. The fact that Jay Robb takes time to state this is very important and lets the readers know that they are just being carb conscious. The Fat Burning Diet involves carb cycling, which means eating low carb meals one day, followed by high carb meals the next and repeating the cycle until weight loss results start coming in. He says that carb cycling is the major part of glycogen control, which is the main factor in how the food we eat is stored in the body. Maintaining proper glycogen levels in the body is a key to weight loss and the preservation of energy.

The book also provides information on how the metabolism works to provide better understand, along with what supplements to take and what fat burning meals you should prepare. The book is available on the Jay Robb website for $12.95, but is also available for $3.88 on Amazon.com.

The Jay Robb website is a simple and well designed website that features photos and testimonials from people who have read the book and used the carb cycling principle to help them lose weight.

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  • Promotes healthy eating because it does not recommend completely eliminating carbohydrates from the diet.
  • Affordable book.


  • Jay Robb doesn’t speak of exercise, as he does not think it is needed to burn fat.
  • The Fat Burning Diet is not a part of healthy living as a whole, but a standalone thing without the need for anything else.


The Fat Burning Diet book will probably work well for those who love carbs and do not want to give them up and still want to lose a few pounds. It seems like it would be fairly easy to stick to, as there is also one day a week where anything goes. It works well for vegetarians. This diet, however, should be included in a larger part of a healthier lifestyle which includes a steady, healthy, exercise plan. If you are considering a weight loss supplement, you will need something that has ingredients proven to burn fat and suppress the appetite. When both of these needs are addressed, successful weight loss is sure to come along.

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