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Fat burning drink refers to any liquid drink packed with ingredient to increase metabolism. Typically, these drinks will include high levels of caffeine, guarana, and other stimulanting ingredients. Sometimes fat burning drinks will also include proven weight loss ingredients like green tea, but that is not always the case. The number one ingredient in all fat burning drinks is water.

List of Ingredients

Water with stimulating and fat burning ingredients.

Product Features

There are several mainstream names in fat burning drink including 5-Hour Energy and Red Bull. These drinks, and others falling into the fat burning drink category, are generally considered safe for use. Overuse of any fat burning drink can cause serious health risks including raised blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and potentially other severe side effect depending on the ingredients and number of drinks consumed per day.

There have been news reports of people consuming a large number of fat burning drinks during the day as the heart of a weight loss plan. These dieters have been hospitalized on some occassions due to caffeine intoxication. Caffeine intoxication occurs when too much caffeine is consumed in a short period of time and can lead to heart palpitations, heart attack, and severe jitters.

The American Psychiatric Association also noted increased caffeine intake can lead to caffeine related anxiety disorders when taken over a long period of time. Any fat burning drink that contains a stimulant like caffeine can lead to potential side effects.

Fat burning drinks are also manufactured by many major weight loss supplement companies as a viable alternative to taking fat burning supplements. These typically include many of the same ingredients listed in supplement form.

Fat burning drink costs range from $1.00 to more than $5.00 per bottle or can.

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  • Near instant increase in heart rate.
  • Calorie burn.


  • Caffeine induced side effects could result from taking in too much caffeine.
  • Fat burning drinks are not proven to increase weight loss.
  • Caffeine addiction can result from taking too many fat burning drinks.


When evaluating any weight loss supplement, a dieter must weigh the pros versus the cons. A fat burning drink could have far more cons than pros. The liquid supplements often contain large amounts of caffeine, which can be addictive and lead to heart related disorders. Even if a proven ingredient like green tea is included in the supplement, the effects of caffeine may supersede the benefits of the proven ingredient.

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