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If you have been struggling to find a diet program that will actually work for you, you are not alone. Many men and women are seeking an effective weight loss method to remove off those unwanted pounds quickly and permanently. One you may be unfamiliar with is The Fat Burning Soup Diet, which is a 7-Day weight loss plan. It may also be referred to as the cabbage soup diet. While there is no official website, this weight loss plan is readily available online. One of the primary benefits for the Fat Burning Soup Diet is that it promises great weight loss in a short period of time, which makes it a favorite for dieters who need to lose weight quickly before a big event.


No one is entirely sure where the diet originated. It is especially difficult to track down this information because of the many variations of the diet that exist and because the diet is available for free.


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The Fat Burning Soup Diet gives very specific guidelines of what a dieter may eat on each day of the seven day diet. While there are several variations, the most popular centers around cabbage soup, which the dieter can eat as often as he or she wishes. In addition to the soup there are several foods that may be eaten each day. On day one any fruit, with the exception of bananas, may be eaten. On day two, any low calorie vegetable, with the exception of peas, beans, and corn may be eaten. On day three, any of the foods from day and one may be eaten. On day four, one may eat up to eight bananas and two glasses of skim milk. On day five, up to twenty ounces of lean meat and up to 6 tomatoes may be eaten. On day six, any vegetables and up to three steaks may be eaten. And on day seven unsweetened fruit juice, unlimited vegetables, and up to two cups of brown rice may be eaten.


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  • The diet can easily be found online for free.
  • Diet offers quick weight loss.




  • There are no before and after images associated with an official diet page.
  • Weight loss may be difficult to sustain.
  • Diet is extremely strict.
  • Does not teach good long term habits.
  • No exercise guidelines are given.
  • No scientific basis.




There are many diets available for dieters to choose from, but most must be purchased. This diet can be freely accessed in a variety of places online, which is a huge advantage. For dieters who want to lose weight very fast and for very little money this diet may be worth looking into. However, because the diet is very restrictive it is doubtful one would be able to meet minimum nutritional goals while engaged in the plan. For long term weight loss it is not ideal.

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    can you use condiments on the fat burning diet?