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Fat Chance is a memoir about the experiences of The Biggest Loser contestant Julie Hadden. While on the show, she managed to lose 45% of her body weight. In the book she gives readers information about how she was casted to the show, and how she was able to lose all the weight through the show. She also talks about how the show has changed her life, and how she looks at herself now. The foreword of the book was written by personal trainer and The Biggest Loser star, Jillian Michaels. The book includes tips, advice, and recipes to help you on your own weight loss journey.

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In the book, Hadden discusses the life before the show and how she was casted. She also gives great detail to her experiences on the show to demonstrate how she was able to lose nearly half of her body weight. The last part of her book details what it has been like since she went back to life as normal, after the reality TV show concluded production. Over the course of the book she talks about why she gained so much weight and gives insight into those reasons, to help others avoid them or correct them before reaching her point. Hadden constantly talks about how the reader should have a positive outlook and accept themselves for who they are. She makes her faith and spiritual beliefs known and encourages others to do the same. She does realize that changing to a healthier lifestyle for the purpose of weight loss is a hard battle to fight. She says you won’t have to deal with the six hour long workouts like she did on the show, but she does say it is very important to work out more and eat less than you are now. Though there are no meal plans, there are recipes and a question and answer section to help you.

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  • This book is endorsed by Jillian Michaels.
  • This book includes exercise recommendations.
  • There are sample recipes.


  • If you are not familiar with the television show, you may not find this book appealing.
  • If you are not Christian, you may not get all the religious references located throughout the book.
  • There is no meal plan presented in the book.


Hadden is one of the more successful contestants on The Biggest Loser television show. This book isn’t really a weight loss plan for everyone, but more or less meant to serve as an inspiration to those who want to lose weight or start maintaining a healthier lifestyle. To lose weight, you will need to follow a nutritionally balanced diet with fewer calories, and you will need to work out on a regular basis. For a boosted effort, take a proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner or appetite suppressant.

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