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Fat Converter is produced by the Atkins Diet center, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Atkins diet. There are not many people interested in weight loss who have not heard of the Atkins Diet, which instructs followers to cut out carbohydrates and increase the intake of protein based food in your diet in order to lose weight. However, the Atkins Fat Converter is not mentioned on the Atkins official site nor is there an official site for this product. In fact information on the Fat Converter is extremely sparse. Those selling it online say that it is a “multi enzyme formula” that helps break down protein, fats and carbohydrates, and assists the body with the conversion of nutrients into energy.


Online shops selling the Fat Converter say that the ingredients in this product include Proteolytic Enzymes, Bromelain and Lipolytic Enzymes.

Product Features

It is a shame that there is no official website for this product and that there is no information regarding it on the official Atkins website, considering that official information regarding Fat Converter is very thin on the ground. Online shops tell us that Fat Converter features a “breakthrough formula” of protein to fat to carbohydrate at a ratio of 45-45-10. Fat Converter is available at a price of $11.95 for a fifteen day’s supply. There are a number of testimonials regarding the Fat Converter and some of them seem to be uncomplimentary, particularly regarding after-sale customer service. This product is only one of many weight loss products on the market which claims to convert your fat into energy.

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  • This product can be ordered online.
  • There are testimonials available for Fat Converter.
  • We are given some information regarding the ingredients in this product.


  • There is no official manufacturer’s website for Fat Converter
  • Information on this product is extremely sparse and there is no detailed, comprehensive information on the ingredients in this product.
  • Fat converter is not the sole product on the market that contains enzymes and claims to convert fat into energy.
  • The manufacturers of Fat Converter do not provide us with any evidence that shows that how this supplement is superior to other similar products for sale.
  • It seems like Atkins Fat Converter trades heavily on the Atkins name without much of a legitimate connection to Dr. Atkins.


Quite frankly, the manufacturers of the weight loss product Fat Converter will have to do better than this. There is simply not enough valid information on this product to allow consumers to make an informed choice, especially when there are a host of other similar weight loss products on the market claiming to do the same thing, and in the same price range. As things stand we would need to at least know a lot more about the product manufacturer and the product formula before we could even begin to asses the Fat Converter supplement.

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