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The Fat Flush Diet plan was created by Dr. Ann Louise. The official website offers information on the Fat Flush Diet, direct links to diet books written by author Dr. Ann Louise and support via a forum. While the Fat Flush Diet started out as a menu or meal based diet aimed at detoxing the body, supplements and protein shakes were soon added with claims of helping dieters lose more weight. These claims are not proven and no clinical research could be found for any of the Fat Flush Diet products.

List of Ingredients

Menu and supplement plan aimed at detoxing the body year round for weight loss.

Product Features

The Fat Flush Diet by Dr. Ann Louise claims to help melt fat away from the body, especially the stubborn areas around the hips and waist. There are multiple books published with the Fat Flush Diet name including Fat Flush for Life, The Fat Flush Plan, The Fat Flush Fitness Plan, The Fat Flush Foods, The Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide and The Fat Flush Cookbook. With this many books, the dieter could spend more money and time on the Fat Flush Diet than many other diet plans or any weight loss supplement.

The idea behind the Fat Flush Diet is detox. There are three phases of detox – Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Phase 1 is the weight loss phase and lasts two weeks. The two week time frame is common among many weight loss programs. During this time, dieters can expect to lose up to 12 inches. After Phase 1, dieters move into ongoing weight loss or Phase 2. This phase will last as long as necessary to reach a healthy or desirable weight. The final phase is lifestyle based and aims to teach dieters how to maintain weight loss.

In addition to the wide range of Fat Flush Diet books, there are supplements used in the program. These include the Fat Flush Kit. The kit includes vitamins, minerals, GLA 90, chromium and acetyl L-Carnitine. The kit lasts only 30 days, but retails for $75.00 in addition to the cost of books for the Fat Flush Diet. Aside from chromium, none of the ingredients in the Fat Flush Diet Kit are proven to increase weight loss and chromium can be purchased over the counter or as part of a proven weight loss supplement.

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  • Information is listed online about the Fat Flush Diet.


  • Dieters may end up spending lots of money on a plan that may not work.
  • The Fat Flush Diet looks like another low sugar, whole food diet.


There is nothing leading us to believe the Fat Flush Diet is a harmful diet and if a dieter wants to try out the plan, a used book could be found online or at the local library for less than retail cost. But the supplement leaves much to be desired.

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    Donna Graham

    The Fat Flush Plan is phenomenal! My husband and I began the plan in 2003, my husband lost 40 lbs. and I lost 20 lbs. to put me at 5 lbs. below my goal weight. We have been able to maintain our weight using this plan since 2003 to date. I highly recommend it along with a good fitness program. It doesn’t just cut out sugar, but bad fats, salt and refined carbs (i.e. white flour) that are so bad for one’s health.