Fat Flush Kit 2000 Review

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The Fat Flush Kit 2000 is a product of the self proclaimed first lady of nutrition, Anne Louise Gittleman. Gittleman is well known for her work in diet, nutrition and holistic healing techniques. This particular product is designed to help people burn fat and lose weight. The kit consists of three supplements that each serves a separate purpose in the areas of weight loss and better health. These include a Dieter’s Multivitamin and Mineral, a GLA-90 supplement and a Weight Loss Formula. We will look at each of these supplements to see what they might offer someone who is looking to drop pounds.

The kit is sold on Gittleman’s website, where ample information is provided about each component of the kit. We are pleased to see complete ingredient lists for each product as well as customer testimonials singing the praises of the Fat Flush Kit 2000. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any sort return policy on Gittleman’s website or on the website of Uni Key Health, the official distributor of Gittleman’s products.


Dieter’s Multivitamin and Mineral supplement, GLA-90 and Weight Loss Formula.

Product Features

The ingredient list for the multivitamin is a long one, which one would expect from this type of supplement. However, the weight loss formula also has a long list of ingredients, making us wonder if too many fillers in the mix might cut down on the effectiveness of the total formula. The product does contain L-carnitine and chromium, which are common ingredients in weight loss supplements. L-carnitine has been touted as a fat burner, although there isn’t much clinical research to back up this claim. Chromium has been shown to maintain healthy sugar levels in the body and support the conversion of fat into muscle, making it probably the best ingredient in this formula.

We would have also liked to see an effective appetite suppressant or proven fat burner in the mix, such as green tea or Citrimax. This formula claims to be caffeine and stimulant free, which means there isn’t much included to help boost the metabolism and burn the fat more efficiently.

The Fat Flush Kit 2000 costs about $75 for a one month supply at the time of this review. While this is a reasonable price per supplement, the idea of spending $75 a month for the entire kit may be pricey for some dieters. In addition, the supplements all appear to be taken on a different schedule, making the Fat Flush Kit 2000 much more complicated than taking a single supplement every day. The cost and time commitment may be a turnoff for some dieters.

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  • The kit includes nutritional supplements as well as a weight loss formula.
  • The products do contain some beneficial ingredients.


  • The price for the entire kit may be too expensive for some dieters every month.
  • We were unable to find a return policy on purchases.
  • The long ingredient list in the weight loss formula may hinder the effectiveness.
  • There is no proven appetite suppressant in the mix.


The Fat Flush Kit 2000 seems to add cost and complexity to a weight loss supplement. We prefer a single supplement with a simple but effective formula for best weight loss results.

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