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The Fat Flush Plan is a diet book that promotes the idea of weight loss through liver cleansing and detoxification. We will take a closer look at this plan to see if it holds any possible validity, but we doubt there is much truth to the plan, because we have yet to see any scientific evidence to support it.

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The Fat Flush Plan basically says the reason so many of us have trouble losing weight is because the toxins being dumped into our liver, severely affects its ability to burn fat and cleanse our body. The author says that by cleansing the liver, we can therefore restore our natural fat burning power and lose weight with much less effort. The plan is divided into three phases, where the first phase lasts about two weeks, the second phase can last several months depending on how much weight you have to lose. The final phase of the plan should be considered a life long commitment to keep the weight off and prevent recontamination of the liver. There are a lot of expensive ingredients to purchase, and it may not be feasible for everyone in terms of finances. It is not an ideal plan for vegetarians to follow because there are not many options, other than whey protein shakes. The dietary plan is very strict, which makes the diet hard to stick to over the long term. Dining out is difficult, and no alcohol is allowed.

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  • The Fat Flush Plan is available from multiple merchants online and off.
  • This plan may produce some fat loss.


  • The Fat Flush Plan is highly restrictive.
  • This plan has not been clinically proven effective.
  • This plan is not vegetarian friendly.
  • This plan will cost a lot of money to implement accordingly.
  • This plan will take a lot of time to follow correctly.


The Fat Flush Plan is not one we can recommend. While we do admire that it does promote exercise, there is no evidence to show that detoxifying the liver will have anything to do with weight loss. A highly restrictive diet and one that costs a lot of money at that, will be very difficult to follow over the long term, which will drastically cut the chances of success with the program. Instead of following this plan, we recommend you follow a balanced diet, journal your food intake to see where you need help, and workout on a regular basis. For the best results, you should also consider taking a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement, as this can elevate your results compared to diet and exercise alone.

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