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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Fat Free Yoga is a workout DVD that runs 90 minutes. The length is comprised of four 20-minute routines and two meditation sessions. The DVD does not have an official website, but it is sold through Amazon.com for $11.99. The consumer reviews are more than 90-percent positive. The program is set up so beginners can start an alternative yoga-like program without having the pain associated with traditional yoga. The break down into four sections allows the dieter to choose one or more workouts. Meditation is also included so dieters can relax and regain internal strength and well-being.

List of Ingredients

Yoga workout DVD and meditation.

Product Features

With so many positive reviews, it is hard to say anything negative about Fat Free Yoga. The workout DVD is not power yoga or even traditional yoga. There is one instructor on a white background and a voice instructor cueing moves. The simplicity of the workout DVD is supposed to support healthy concentration, but some followers find that simplicity annoying. Personal tastes will vary.

As for the workout, many dieters claim the yoga moves, though not traditional, leave them feeling stronger and more focused on the good things in life. For the beginner, the program is easy to follow with meditation times available for relaxation. Some time is spent sitting up performing breathing exercises while others are spent laying down stretching the body from head to toe.

One of the key elements of Fat Free Yoga is the section on Your Life is in Your Own Glands. One reviewer claims following the DVD and eventually being taken off thyroid medications because Fat Free yoga strengthened his thyroid. While this is not a medically-proven benefit of Fat Free Yoga, there is no doubt some metabolic gain to be had from working out every day.

There is no diet plan offered with Fat Free Yoga. In order to achieve weight loss, the dieter must eat fewer calories than the body needs. Exercise increase metabolism and calorie burn, but it will not counteract the effects of bad eating habits.

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  • Supports healthy exercise and meditation.
  • Easy to follow for beginners.
  • Priced comparably with other yoga workout DVDs.


  • May not be suitable for yogis or classic yoga fitness enthusiasts.
  • Some followers do not prefer the sections on meditation.
  • The instructor is not the one talking on the film.


Yoga has long been used as a means of strengthening the body and increasing calorie burn. Fat Free Yoga does not use traditional yoga poses, but many consumers are happy to follow a DVD with different moves and a focus on mental strength through meditation. We suggest starting a healthy eating plan before using any workout DVD.

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