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If you are looking for a dieting plan, your sources are seemingly infinite. When you pick one, it is most likely based off of a recommendation of a friend. However, just because your friend loses weight on a diet doesn’t mean that you will. In reality, one size diet does not fit all. That’s why in the book Fat Is Not Your Fate, Dr. Susan Mitchell and Dr. Catherine Christie give you your own dieting plan.

Fat Is Not Your Fate emphasizes a personal diet based on an individual phenotype test. The results of the test base your diet on addiction, blood pressure, heart disease, risk of diabetes, emotional needs, and hormones (the hormone diet is for women only). Following the plan you find in the book is supposed to lead to a slimmer, healthier life.

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This book is really a lesson in dieting science. You start with a couple of lengthy tests that consist of a variety of questions. Some are general, true and false questions, such as, “I prefer fried foods…” Other questions involve your family history details. For example, marking true, false, or I don’t know for, “My mother has or had depression…” Some of the questions are hard to answer, but hopefully you can respond accurately to most of them. Upon completion of the test, Fat is not your Fate teaches you what triggers your hunger and what foods bring you pleasure. The book then explains how to use this information to diet effectively.

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  • There are no pills or shakes in which to place false hope.
  • You don’t starve because the meal plans promoted in the book are reasonable.
  • It’s a comforting tool because you develop a plan based on your own life, background, family, etc.
  • It seems to be a much more professional tool than those dieting supplements promoted by hyper celebrities during infomercials.


  • The authors make the weight-loss process seem easier than it is.
  • Fat is not your Fate is written in a categorical style, which leaves the concepts too broad.
  • Some are of the opinion that the book covers things that are basic and dull, such as information on a lack of structured meals and portion distortion.
  • The phenotype test, which the book is based on, doesn’t work for you if you are adopted or unconnected with your parents.
  • There are no herbal supplements or vitamins to help you. It’s just a book.


Fat is not your Fate is designed to teach people how to eat based on their own genes, medical history, and habits. It is a helpful instrument if you are trying to understand how your body reacts to food. If you are looking for a dieting supplement, pill, or medicine, this is probably not the product for you. However, one may find the quizzes and specific plans interesting.

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