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Fat Killer by Trec is marketed as a supplement for fat burning. The product contains a mixture of stimulants that are designed to enhance calorie burning by increasing the metabolism. The effect can be obtained even further by taking the supplement before workouts so that more energy is expended during the routine. Online retailers that sell this product recommend combining this supplement with a daily exercise program for best results. While we like the fact that Fat Killer emphasizes the importance of a workout in tandem with a supplement, we will need to look further at the formula to see if any additional benefits can be provided through an appetite suppressant or fat burner.

Fat Killer is available for sale from numerous European online retailers. Trec, the company that makes the product, appears to be based in England. However, we could not find American retailers offering the product for sale. This could be a distinct advantage to residents of the United States who would like to try this product, since they may not be able to find the product for purchase easily. It may also indicate that the formula wasn’t safe for American markets or that it did not sell well in this country. It does not appear that Trec offers a money back guarantee on purchases, other than a seven-day return policy on damaged merchandise.


We are disappointed to find that the company website does not offer a complete ingredient list for Fat Killer. However, we were able to find the list through one of the online retailers offering the product. The ingredients in the Fat Killer formula include L-carnitine, guarana, corean ginseng, green tea, white willow bark and vitamin B5. The ingredient we like best in this formula is green tea. This antioxidant is an effective stimulant that can reduce appetite while increasing energy. However, green tea tends to be more effective when combined with other proven fat burners like citrimax or safe amounts of caffeine. This formula does not appear to include either. Chromium is another good ingredient to find in a weight loss supplement because it can regulate blood sugar levels and help the body convert fat to muscle. This ingredient is also missing from the Fat Killer mix.

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Fat Killer by Trec may not be available in the United States for a number of reasons, including safety and effectiveness. When you combine the fact that the product is not sold in this country with a lack of information about the formula and no money back guarantee provided on the company website, it may be that Americans should proceed with caution when considering Fat Killer by Trec.

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  • The product contains green tea.


  • Fat Killer doesn’t appear to be available in the United States.
  • The company website does not offer a complete ingredient list.
  • There is no proven fat burner in the formula.


Since the product is not available in the US, the effectiveness of the formula may be a moot point. We would encourage consumers to look for weight loss supplements that are readily available for purchase.

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