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Fat Loss for Idiots is an “accelerated fat burning diet” plan that endeavors to assist men and women with weight reduction. This program was founded by the company “Internet Made Simple.” The official website is basically aimed at helping dieters discover the latest weight reduction techniques and diet plans. Fat Loss for Idiots focuses on “non-starvation” weight loss systems and on giving information about diet plans that fail to work. It is stated on the website that low-carb diets, low-calorie diets and low-fat diets don’t work. Customer testimonials are not found on the official website.

The Fat Loss for Idiots website discusses how the main factor for weight problems is improper diets, during which the wrong food is eaten. This is based on an improper amount of calories consumed each day. There are no weight loss supplements involved with the Fat Loss for Idiots program. An actual fitness program is not discussed or recommended on the official website. Essentially this system attempts to teach users what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat during the day. The “3 meal per day” program is not recommended, and the focus is on consuming more, smaller meals each day in order to lose weight. The official Fat Loss for Idiots website claims that the key to losing excess body fat is “eating the right foods at the right intervals.”

Product Features

The Fat Loss for Idiots website/program is aimed at assisting people with weight loss by informing them what to eat. The core of this system is focused on adopting proper eating habits and consuming the correct amounts of food when needed. Fat Loss for Idiots elaborates on how low-carb diets, low-calorie diets and low-fat diets don’t usually work. Regular exercise and supplements are not needed for the Fat Loss for Idiots plan. The official website claims that members can lose 9 pounds every 11 days. The cost of Fat Loss for Idiots is not posted on the official website. There is not clinical research posted on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of Fat Loss for Idiots.

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  • Fat Loss for Idiots is a simple-sounding diet plan that is learned via the official website.
  • Fat Loss for Idiots encourages users to educate themselves regarding many aspects of proper nutrition.
  • Fat Loss for Idiots is suitable for both women and men.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any clinical data presented on the official website.
  • No appetite suppressants are involved with the Fat Loss for Idiots program.
  • Fat Loss for Idiots calls for a rather drastic diet change, and not everyone may be able to manage this.
  • There is no fitness regimen addressed on the official website.
  • The cost of Fat Loss for Idiots is not posted on the website.
  • There are no customer testimonials offered for Fat Loss for Idiots.


Overall, Fat Loss for Idiots is a weight loss program that revolves around what you eat daily and how much you consume. On the bright side, there are no potentially harmful stimulants involved with Fat Loss for Idiots. However, it would still be nice to see some actual clinical research presented on the official website, along with some customer testimonials and encouragement to exercise. This program would not likely be suitable for individuals that do not wish to completely change their diet plan, or for those who have had little success with diets in the past.

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    I have lost 20+ pounds by doing the fat loss for idiots diet. It works for me because you choose 30 foods and it gives you a meal plan for 11 days. I have a hard time coming up with this on my own so with this I can prepare my meals for the next day and I actually rarely feel hungry as it tells you to eat as much as it takes for you to be satisfied but not full. I also really enjoy that at the end of the 11 days you can eat whatever you want for 3 days straight!! I even quit over the holidays and it really helped my metabolism because I only gained a couple of pounds. Once I started back up I lost 3.5 pounds the very first day! It says you will still lose weight without exercise but it you WALK only 39 mins to an hour per day you will lose that weight a lit quicker.


  • 2

    Hello! Ok so I’ve been seeing a lot of different weight loss plans and they all seem like huge scams…especially when they hype up their product to be the best and then you have to pay 40 dollars for it. I need to lose weight, so is Fat Loss For Idiots really worth the money?