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If you are looking for an online weight loss program, the Fat Loss Target program may be a viable option. The program was developed over the course of four years, by a group of fitness and nutrition professionals with concentration and experience in weight loss. The group determined losing weight and keeping it off is a simple, all natural approach, and perhaps best of all, is not time consuming. They developed the program to share their research findings with others to make for a happier and healthier future.

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Rather than eating three large meals every day, you should eat five small snack sized meals throughout the day to keep your body fueled. You should be planning meals around your high quality lean proteins, and include plenty of vegetables. Instead of eating sweets, breads, and fried foods, you should eat fruit. Oddly enough, dating advice is also included in the program. Exercise is mentioned in the program, but the developers say you should only do as much exercise as you require to get the results you want. This is vague and doesn’t really help people get to the “right” amount of exercise. The best advice is to create your own custom routine based on what you want and need. Try certain workouts to see what works best for you, and if you are not getting the results you want, work out more or adjust your exercises.

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  • This program allows for you to eat more often, so you have a lesser chance of getting hungry between meals.
  • This program provides a BMI calculator, and a calorie calculator.
  • There are illustrations and detailed instructions to help with exercises.
  • This program encourages people to set goals.


  • One of the focuses is dating. While some people want to lose weight to get back on the dating scene, the two generally are not related for most people.
  • This weight loss program does not educate dieters.
  • This program does not help with nutrition.
  • The meal generator is nothing more than a calorie calculator.
  • There are no meal plans or recipes.
  • Exercise requirements are not clear cut. The dieters must develop their own program.
  • Though the program claims to be based on research, there is no proof to support it.


Given what we can see of the program, there is no real evidence to support the claim of a quick and easy holistic approach to lasting weight loss. If you choose to follow this program, we recommend following a reduced calorie balanced diet, with a regular exercise program, and a proven weight loss supplement.

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