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The Fat March was a television show in 2007. The reality television series focused on participants who needed to lose weight for a variety of reasons. Twelve contestants participated in the program for a chance at winning the grand prize of $1.2 million.

Fat March was aired on ABC in 2007 for seven episodes. The ratings for the show were terrible and the series was dropped. There is no mention of whether there was a winner or if the program simply sent contestants home without any prize money.

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Reality TV show addressing weight loss concerns and battles.

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For seven episodes, contestants on Fat March participated in weight loss challenges, including the Fat March, for a chance at winning $1.2 million. The setup of the show is eerily similar to the Biggest Loser, a popular weight loss reality show, but ABC did not hit the mark and ratings simply did not support keeping the show on the air. The official website for ABC no longer lists Fat March as a television special series.

The major twist in plot between the Biggest Loser and Fat March was the team element. Participants could stick together for the entire series and share in the total winnings at the end. Every contestant that dropped out reduced the pot by $10,000 for the remaining contestants. The main goal of contestants was to walk from Boston to Washington DC. Side contests for luxury prizes were presented along the way.

Reviews of Fat March are very negative, which is why the program was taken off the air. Mostly, watchers complained about the contestants and the attitudes they portrayed onscreen. The male team consisted of Anthony, Matt, Michael, Sam, Shane and Will. Male contestants ranged in weight from 330 pounds to 500 pounds. The female team consisted of Jami Lyn, Chantal, Kimberly, Loralie, Shea and Wendy. Female contestants ranged in weight from 225 pounds to 250 pounds. Theoretically, the women should have won the competition because they weighed less in the beginning.

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  • Reality show offers support for home weight loss.


  • The show is no longer on air.
  • The program appeared to take many elements from the Biggest Loser.


Fat March was a short-lived reality show that focused on twelve contestants walking from Boston to Washington DC. The show was taken off ABC after only seven episodes. We assume no one won the $1.2 million prize associated with the competition. Many reality shows focus on healthy eating habits and exercise routines, but we are unsure how these were presented on the Fat March. While trainers were listed as part of the cast, participants camped out along the Fat March route.

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