Fat Napalm Bomb Review

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What You Should Know

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Fat Napalm Bomb has no official website and we found no mention of free trials, money-back guarantees or testimonials for the weight loss claims made in the product description. We did, however, find the supplement listed on several websites for sale outside the United States. Some of the ingredients are not normally used in US-formulated fat burners so this product could be formulated outside the US.

The ingredient list includes laxatives. Laxatives are not used to increase metabolism or decrease hunger, in most cases. They are used to increase bowel movements and water loss so the dieter feels like they are losing weight when they are not. Laxatives are used to fool the dieter, not help the dieter.

List of Ingredients


  • Chitin
  • L-Carnitine
  • Gingko
  • Extract of Balsam Pear
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Tuckahoe

Product Features

Tuckahoe is an ingredient found in Chinese alternative medicine. It is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but its use as a diuretic is likely why Fat Napalm Bomb included this ingredient. Diuretics force water out of the body and that causes weight loss in much the same manner that a new diet or exercise program causes water weight loss for the first week or so.

Dietary fiber may help control appetite and loosen bowels. When taken in excess, cramping, painful gas and bloating can occur. Dieters are not told how much dietary fiber is added to this supplement. It is important to drink lots of water while taking dietary fiber as it can cause constipation if the dieter does not drink enough water.

Chitin is found in the skeleton of shrimp and crabs. This ingredient is often touted as a fat blocker, but it does not truly block fat. The best use of chitin is as a source of dietary fiber.

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  • Contains two sources of dietary fiber.
  • May help regulate bowel movements.


  • Contains a laxative ingredient.
  • When fiber is taken in excess it can cause painful gas and bloating.
  • The dieter must drink lots of water.
  • This supplement should not be taken with prescription medications.
  • No official website.
  • No testimonials.
  • No before and after pictures of weight loss.


Fat Napalm Bomb is a great name for a weight loss supplement, but this product does not live up to the name. There are no fat burning or thermogenic ingredients, but there are quite a few laxatives in the form of two fibers. Tuckahoe is a diuretic, which compounds the water loss and could cause negative side effects.

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