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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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Fat No More is a book and program designed by Marilyn Stompler, a woman with experience and training in science and business, but no stated knowledge of nutrition or fitness. Her approach to weight loss is more of a psychological one that entails identifying the “mental blocks” that keep one from losing weight and overcoming them for weight loss success. She refers to these hurdles as “M.E.S.S.” blocks; mental, emotional, subconscious and spiritual challenges that keep people from losing weight and keeping it off for good. By identifying and “letting go” of these blocks, you can transform into the thin self that you have always wanted to be.

The program mostly includes books, CDs, workshops and personal coaching sessions with Stompler. At the time of this review, only one workshop appears to be on the schedule in California, the state where Stompler resides. There are also few media appearances by this self proclaimed weight loss guru, although there are many articles listed written by Stompler herself. It is also important to note that we could not find any of her material for sale through other online retailers.


The primary product in this program appears to be Stompler’s book titled, Fat No More: Release the Subconscious Blocks that Prevent your Weight Loss.

Product Features

We don’t see any reference on the Fat No More website regarding diet, exercise or using effective weight loss supplements to reach weight loss goals. We prefer a program that incorporates all three of these elements for greatest success in a weight loss program. While we agree there is some merit in examining psychological challenges in losing weight, we believe most of these can be overcome with the right diet and exercise program, combined with an effective supplement that provides the edge many dieters need. This program appears to be seriously lacking in any practical advice for weight loss.

The coaching sessions are very expensive, costing more than $1100 for ten sessions at the time of this review. The books and CDs are much more reasonably priced, but we were unable to find any sort of money back guarantee on any of the merchandise. The Fat No More website does list a number of customer testimonials touting the praises of this program, but no scientific evidence is cited to prove that this program is effective.

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  • The program offers a variety of materials for sale.


  • There is no diet or exercise plan recommended with this program.
  • No weight loss supplement is included.
  • We were unable to find any money back guarantee on products.
  • Some of the products are very expensive.


We agree that psychological hurdles can get in the way with an effective weight loss program. However, a plan that includes a low calorie diet, daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement will address most of those challenges. An appetite suppressant will help control cravings and a fat burner will rev dieters up to stick with their exercise routine. We don’t believe there is much substance in Fat No More and dieters should look elsewhere for their weight loss needs.

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