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The Fat Resistance Diet was conceived by Dr. Leo Galland, who has also published a book on this subject, entitled, ‘The Fat Resistance Diet.’ He says that the goal of this diet is “to enable people to have the body they want.” He tells people that if you are overweight it is not your fault, since often those who are overweight suffer from a chemical imbalance caused by Leptin resistance. Dr. Galland explains that this is a chemical resistance that disrupts the body’s natural ability to regulate appetite and metabolism. He says that you can remedy this chemical imbalance by cutting out the wrong foods and eating the right ones, which is what the Fat Resistance Diet focuses on.


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There is an official website for the Fat Resistance Diet, and the book explaining this diet written by Dr Leo Galland can be ordered directly on line. On his official website Dr Galland explains the concept behind this diet. He tells us that a number of people suffer from inflammation in the body and that this inflammation in the body triggers Leptin resistance. Leptin resistance leads to a sluggish metabolism and food cravings, which in turn leads to speedy weight gain. Dr. Galland tells us that his research on Leptin Resistance and the development of the Fat Resistance Diet was inspired by the work of Dr Jeffrey Friedman at New York’s Rockefeller University. Dr. Friedman discovered that the fat cells of genetically obese mice did not produce a chemical called Leptin. He found that administering Leptin curbed the appetite of these mice and restored their body weight to normal level.

Dr. Galland explains that when there is inflammation in the body Leptin is blocked, and when you are overweight Leptin is also blocked. This leads to a viscous circle, since if your body does not produce Leptin you are unlikely to lose weight. Dr. Galland’s book details the foods that you will need to eat and also the foods you’ll need to cut out of your diet to enable your body to produce Leptin again, and balance the chemical disruption in your body.

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  • Dr. Leo Galland explains in detail on his website the concept behind the Fat Resistance Diet.
  • The book can be ordered directly from the official website.
  • Dr Leo Galland is an acknowledged expert in his field.


  • The controlled trials relating to Leptin seem only to have been carried out on animals and not on humans.
  • There is no evidence the Fat Resistance Diet achieves superior results compared to other diets.
  • There have been no controlled standardized trials involving the Fat Resistance Diet.
  • Details of what is involved in this diet are a bit vague.
  • This diet could involve lifestyle changes that some users are unwilling or unable to make.


Dr. Leo Galland is evidently an expert in his field and his book certainly seems as if it would make an interesting read. Unforutnately, we do not know enough about the Fat Resistance Diet, and so we are unable to determine who might get best results from following it. Many people looking to lose weight might be interested in an oral diet supplement that has been shown to promote weight loss.

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    I followed the fat resistance diet and was very satisfied with the results. I’m 27 5’5″ and starting weight was 126 and body fat percent was 26%, after a month and a half my weight was down to 116 and my body fat was 19%. I was also lifting weights and running during this time. I felt great on this diet and had lots of energy. The only down side was I felt I was always preparing food, and the food was a bit on the expensive side. After I finished the first 2 stages of his meal plans, I used his concepts and made my own meal plans and kept the weight off.


  • 2

    I am 59 yrs old and due to radiation therapy for cancer, my thyroid has been destroyed….and I am now seemingly unable to lose any weight….I am wondering if the concept of this book would be of benefit if I have no thyroid and what if any option is there for one without the thyroid gland….I have been on thyroid hormone therapy, with out success….thank you!