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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Fat Savage is not a diet plan, fitness program or weight loss supplement. Instead, Fat Savage is a blogger who appears much more interested in voicing his views about political subjects than in educating the general public about weight loss. The title of the main blogger on this website may be misleading to some, and those looking for advice about dropping pounds will be sorely disappointed in the content that is found on the Fat Savage website. We are also not sold on the idea of using a blog of any kind to provide the necessary social and emotional support for weight loss, unless it is chocked full of sound information on how to choose a diet plan, fitness program and weight loss supplement for greatest success.

The good news is that bloggers provide their information free of charge to the general public who happens upon their website. The bad news is that little of this free information may be useful to those who are interested in learning about a specific topic like weight loss. Blogs are not regulated and the information found on them may or may not be accurate or even truthful. The musings are simply opinions of those who run the blog, without much concern over the soundness of the information that is being dispensed.


There are no components of a successful weight loss program found on Fat Savage.

Product Features

We would recommend that dieters look for a plan that incorporates a low calorie diet, daily exercise program and an effective weight loss supplement for the greatest odds of success. The supplement should include a combination of an appetite suppressant to help control portions and keep cravings at bay, and a fat burner that will rev up energy levels to help dieters make the most of their workout time. The Fat Savage doesn’t provide any of these components or any other information about weight loss on his blog.

There is no product to review here, other than a few well placed words stating one person’s opinion about the world in general. Fat Savage appears particularly interested in free speech issues, and seems to drive the blog with controversial language and views.

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  • The information and opinions that Fat Savage provides are free to the general public.


  • There is absolutely no information about weight loss on this blog.
  • No recommendation for a weight loss supplement is made.
  • The “information” provided on the blog is really just one person’s opinion.
  • The blog is littered with foul language and insulting comments.


A blog may be a way to connect with a dieting community for support and encouragement, but Fat Savage is not devoted to weight loss issues. If you want to voice your views on politically charged topics, feel free to visit this website. But if weight loss is your goal, you will need to look elsewhere to meet your needs.

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