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The official site of the Fat Smash Diet offers a holistic approach to weight loss, demanding 100 percent commitment from the dieter. Not promising a quick fix, the plan involves a step by step approach that praises lifestyle changes and moderation.

Fat Smash advocates no eating restrictions, and instead encourages eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible. The Fat Smash Diet aims to alter the relationship one shares with food and emphasizes regular exercise.

The Fat Smash Diet program includes a 160 page book detailing four phases of realistic dieting. According to the official site, to know to eat right is the essence of Fat Smash diet. Developed by Dr. Smith, the Fat Smash eating and exercise program is featured in VH1’s celebrity fit club and is written about in such resources as WebMD. The Fat Smash Diet contains 50 recipes, and Smith insists that it is not necessary to count calories. Smith defines this program as a way for people to learn how to eat properly and says it is for anyone from a few pounds overweight to the severely obese. Smith says it is the last weight loss plan that anyone will ever need.


None, this is a book.

Product Features

The Fat Smash Diet is a 90 day eating and dieting program. The first phase is a nine day body detox using vegetables, dairy products and egg whites. A five day, 30 minute exercise program is also introduced. Phase 2 is a three week process that adds in lean meat, seafood and cereal.

Next is a three week construction phase and here the exercise becomes rigorous, for 40 to 45 minutes, while introducing more food to the diet, including minor indulgences. The last phase focuses on maintaining your status and keeping up with what you have done so far.

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  • Celebrity endorsed.
  • You can see the creator, Dr. Ian K. Smith on Celebrity Fit Club on VH1.
  • This diet can help you lose weight if you follow it properly.


  • You will be required to exercise quite a bit during this diet.
  • The Fat Smash diet will require you to motivate yourself which can be difficult.
  • This book doesn’t offer any suggestions on supplements.


The Fat Smash Diet will definitely appeal to people who have watched Celebrity Fit Club. The creator of this book has helped many celebrities lose between 10 and 20 pounds but a few people actually gained weight. Like similar programs, how well you do depends on your personal motivation. If you decide to try out the Fat Smash Diet, we encourage you to add an additional weight loss supplement that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient, fat burner, or both.

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6 User Reviews about Fat Smash Diet

  • 1

    40 yr old male and was wanted to lose around 20 lbs before summer. Not to mention my cholesterol was at 222, and triglycerides over 400. Started to “Smash” on April 12th. First 9 days was tough, but realistic. I never strayed from the program, measuring portions and not cheating. After a month I went back to the Dr. and my cholesterol had dropped over 90pts and my triglycerides had plunged to below 80. As of June 12th I have lost 21 lbs and continue the maintain the diet. Never have felt better in my life!


  • 2

    Can you drink unsweentened green tea during phase 1 for your unlimited water?


  • 3

    I have recently finished Phase 1 of the fat smash diet. It is very hard to finish but it has taught me how not to crave sugar which is my weakness and increase my exercise. the book encourages 30 min for 5 days in at first but i had to build myself up and still lost. No bread or crackers is allowed in the first phase of the fat smash diet except for 1 cup of brown rice but if you follow it you will definitely lose.I lost 7 lbs in phase one and i just think it is mind of body. i still think about some foods i would like to have but now i know i will appreciate it more when i do get them and not to go overboard. Good luck!


  • 4
    De Borah

    I’ve started my 9 day detox. Upon reviewing the can and cannot eat lists. I noticed for one of my snack choices for Phase 1 is 7 saltine crackers.It does not specify what kind. Whole wheat or just regulare white saltine crackers. There’s a lot of information in the book that is not explained clearly and precisely however, that’s what I need to do this the right way.


  • 5
    Annette Knight

    I am 69 years old and cannot do any exercise beyond fast walking three days a week for 40 minutes. Is this enough to make this diet successful. I am not interested in fast weight loss only consistent.



    Any exercise is better than none and although you may not lose weight as quickly as doing it the 5 times a week he recommends, you’ll still lose it. Hope this helps and good luck!! : )