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Fat to Firm at Any Age is a book by the editors of Prevention Magazine, Alisa Bauman and Sari Harrar. The book encompasses many of the aspects of dieting, including a diet plan, exercise options, styles to make you look firmer and methods for overcoming emotional hurdles. What the book doesn’t include is a guide for choosing the best weight loss supplement; an addition to any program that gives many dieters the edge they need to reach their goals. However, we will take a look at what is included in this program to see if it is sufficient as a complete weight loss program.

We found Fat to Firm at Any Age available through numerous online retailers, although we could not find a website specifically dedicated to the weight loss program. The book could be purchased new or used, offering consumers a wide price range for the product. We also found consumer testimonials about the book on some of the retail websites that attest to the effectiveness of the program, and some claim to have lost a significant amount of weight on Fat to Firm at Any Age.


The Fat to Firm book.

Product Features

The premise of the Fat to Firm at Any Age is to find a diet program tailored to your specific needs for the greatest chance of success. The book explains on the back cover that the average woman diets three times a year and also gains about ten pounds a year. The reason for the conflict is that no diet is a “one size fits all” program. What works is a customized program that addresses individual needs and goals for the greatest chance of success.

The program consists of five parts that include a formula for assessing needs, exercises geared toward a woman’s specific needs, methods for eliminating emotional eating, recipes and meal ideas that women are supposed to love and fat trimming strategies from real women.

The product is readily available through numerous retailers and reasonably priced at about $10-$14 for a new copy at the time of this review. Because it appears to be sold at a greatly reduced price, we are highly doubtful that a return policy will be in effect.

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  • The book is readily available and reasonably priced.
  • The program is customized to a dieter’s individual needs.


  • There may not be a return policy on the product.
  • An effective weight loss supplement is not recommended with the program.
  • The plan is still up to the dieter to implement and stick to.


We are pleased to see that the Fat to Firm at Any Age program is a customized approach to weight loss that incorporates both diet and exercise. However, we believe that many dieters require an effective weight loss supplement to offer the needed edge to reach their weight loss goals. The Fat to Firm at Any Age plan doesn’t include such a supplement, so it may not be a sufficient program for success on its own.

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