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When it comes to a successful weight loss program, tracking progress is an important component. Progress can be measured on a scale in terms of pounds lost, or with a tape measure to monitor the reduction of problem areas like hips and thighs. Another way to keep track of the effectiveness of a diet program is through measurement of body fat, and now there is an accurate way to take this measurement as well. The Fat Track Pro includes a skin fold caliper that is professional grade to allow anyone to measure their body fat and calculate lean body mass.

The Fat Track Pro is sold through a number of online retailers and can be found for a reduced price. The device is a good investment for anyone who wants to closely track the progress of their diet. Through accurate body fat readings and a general knowledge of the correlation between body fat and good health, one can track this important component of a weight loss program to ensure the plan is achieving what it should. The Fat Track Pro is easy enough to be used by individuals and accurate enough to be an effective tool for professionals like personal trainers and health care professionals.


The Fat Track Pro device.

Product Features

The Fat Track Pro includes the programmable device that allows the user to store up to 50 profiles and 25 body fat formulas. It also provides a user manual that describes precisely how to take accurate measurements. Finally, the included software also allows you to track even more users’ profiles and provided additional information about measurements and formulas.

While we like the idea of a product to track the progress of a diet program, these measurements are only a small part of a complete plan. We recommend that consumers look for a low calorie diet, a fitness program and an effective weight loss supplement to help them reach their goals first. The Fat Track Pro can then be used to track the progress of the diet program, offering incentive to dieters to continue until they reach their weight loss goals.

The Fat Track Pro is reasonably priced, considering the technology that comes with the device. One website had the product marked down to around $56 at the time of this review, which is more than 50% off the original price. However, we did not find a money back guarantee on the websites we checked for this product.

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  • The Fat Track Pro provides an accurate way to track diet progress.
  • Tracking progress often gives dieters motivation to continue with their program.


  • The Fat Track Pro does not include a diet or exercise program.
  • There is no weight loss supplement recommended with the product.
  • The device does not provide a complete weight loss program.


Tracking progress is an important part of a successful diet program, since knowing you are making headway will provide necessary motivation to continue. However, the Fat Track Pro is simply a tracking device; not a complete weight loss program. We recommend that consumers look for a plan that includes diet, exercise and an effective weight loss supplement before purchasing methods to track the progress of that plan.

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