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Fat trapper is a weight lose supplement. The manufacturers of this product are the Enforma System. This company has clamed that using Fat Trapper is the simplest method of achieving a user’s desired weight. The company has stated in their infomercials and other media ads that the Fat Trapper will allow a person to consume as much food and fat intake as they would like while still dropping the pounds. They have also claimed that it has been studied intensely and the product is a miracle cure for overeating as well as consuming unhealthy meals.

Enforma System has had several problems with the Federal Trades Commission. They were fined a large sum of money because they were found to have lied and treated consumers dishonestly with regards to their products. When they claimed that Fat Trapper was scientifically tested as well as that the benefits and performance stats was completely true, they lied. The company was banned from making weight loss supplements as well as penalized with other monetary damages. The Enforma System also had to repay their consumers an agreed amount of money.

Even though, the Enforma System has been forbidden to promote or market weight loss products, a person can still purchase Fat Trapper from various internet retailers. However, the question still remains, why would they? If an individual still would like to buy Fat Trapper, the price ranges vary. Nevertheless, a person may be able to locate it for around $60 for a 2 month supply.

List of Ingredients

None found.

Product Features

The Fat Trapper product has only one ingredient that we could uncover. Chitosan is simply a fiber product derived from the armor of shellfish. This is the only basis for the company’s guarantees that a person using Fat Trapper can lose weight while eating as much as they choose. Some studies on the Chitosan have been done. However, these were completely inconclusive. There is not one piece of evidence we could find that this blocks fat intake to help a person lose weight.

There are no known side effects taking the Fat Trapper weight loss supplement. The product claims to take a hold of the fat in ones system and discharge it through the body quickly. It is said to have a magnet affect which prevents the fat from entering major organs or the blood stream.

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  • The Fat Trapper product has an all-natural ingredient.
  • Allergic reactions have not been found in individuals that have taken this product.


  • Product has been discontinued for legal reasons.
  • It is difficult to locate this supplement in local retail stores. The internet may be the only solution.
  • The manufacturers lied to their consumers so much that they were fined time and time again by the FTC.
  • Extensive testing has not been done.
  • The price is fairly expensive for a product that has no known weight loss properties.


The Fat Trapper weight loss product has been lied about time and time again. The manufacturers insist that this can block a person’s fat intake no matter what or how much they eat. The bottom line is; certain products may have active ingredients to assist in lowering appetite and raising metabolism. Considering this product’s legal track record, we would definitely keep looking for a more reputable diet supplement.

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  • 1
    debbie walton

    I absolutely adore it. I lost 35 pounds in six weeks.I wanto to do it again. I used to buy it in drug stores when it first came out. I’ve searched all over for it and cannot find it anywhere! I want to buy more. How can I get it? Please let me know.


  • 2

    I loved the product as I said before I lost 75 pounds


  • 3
    Tiffany Sykes

    How can I go about getting the Fat Trapper diet pills