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Fat Wars is a weight loss program designed by Canadian nutritional guru Brad J. King. King is the author of the book, “Fat Wars: 45 Days to Transform your Body” and is also the owner of the Fat Wars website that markets King’s books and supplements and provides general information about weight loss. The key to King’s Fat Wars program is correction and maintenance of the metabolism, which is accomplished through a specific pattern of eating and daily exercise. We appreciate the fact that the website goes into some detail about the type of food and exercise programs that King has found to be most effective, along with research to support his theories.

Fat Wars also includes a variety of supplementation to give dieters the edge they need to reach their weight loss goals. These products include protein and fiber mixes, a metabolism booster, a starch and fat blocker and supplements designed specifically for men and women. We are especially interested in the metabolism booster and fat blocker, since these appear to be particularly helpful to those looking to drop excess pounds.


Yerba Mate, Coleus Forskahlii, Green Tea, Guarana, Cayenne, Kelp, Gymnema Sylvestre and Black Pepper.

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Most of these ingredients are fairly common substances found in many weight loss supplements. We particularly like the use of green tea extract, since this ingredient can effectively boost metabolism and suppress appetite to some extent. We also like guarana as a fat burner, although the caffeine in these two ingredients may be sufficient to cause adverse side effects in some. Yerba mate and coleus forskahlii are also thought to be fat burners, although their effects may not be as potent as other types of fat burners used. Gymnema has been used for centuries in some cultures to treat diabetes, although the jury is still out on how much effect it will have in weight loss.

At the time of this review, a one-month supply of Fat Wars Ultimate Lean Energy costs about $33. There are discounts for multiple purchases. We find this price to be a bit high compared to other supplements, especially in light of the fact that we were unable to find a return policy on the products.

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  • The Fat Wars program combines diet, exercise and supplementation.
  • The products contain some proven weight loss ingredients.


  • We were unable to find a return policy.
  • The ingredients used may not be the most effective.
  • The price is a bit high.


Fat Wars may be a pretty decent weight loss program to consider. However, we believe there are more potent weight loss supplements available through other companies for a better price. We encourage consumers to shop around a bit before settling on the supplements available through this company.

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    Sharon Holoboff

    I have been using the Lean Control and the Anti-Stress sleep components of this program, combined with a sensible diet and daily physical activity and have been happy with the results. It isn’t a rapid loss, but very positively steady and and the added advantage is the mood balancing effect of the Lean Control. If you are looking for a supplement to compliment a program and not the magic solution, this might be a good one to try. It has been beneficial for me with a steady loss of around 2 pounds a week.