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Fatblast Extreme is a weight loss supplement that claims to help users lose weight without exercise, diet or dangerous drugs. We are immediately skeptical of any product that makes these sorts of claims, but we will examine Fatblast Extreme further to see if the formula can indeed deliver weight loss results. The product states that it works by removing fat from the food you eat, which is a promise that a number of weight loss supplements make. This approach differs from other formulas that provide a fat burner and appetite suppressant that give dieters an edge to maintain a low-calorie food plan and daily exercise regimen. In this case, fat is attacked in the stomach, so that the elimination process removes the substance before it is absorbed into the body.

Fatblast Extreme is sold on a number of websites that read more like an infomercial than a serious retail website for supplements. Fortunately, many of these websites do provide basic information like a complete ingredient list and customer testimonials. We wish that they would have provided clinical research to back up this fat removing process as well, since we have doubts that binding and removing fat from the body is really the best approach to weight loss.


Chitosan, psyllium husk, malic acid, lipase and aloe vera leaf.

Product Features

This formula appears to be a pretty standard combination of ingredients for this purpose, with some substances, like psyllium husk, acting as laxatives to help the body eliminate waste more efficiently. Chitosan is also a common ingredient for weight loss supplements because it is thought to bind fats in the stomach so they are eliminated from the body rather than absorbed. However, the jury is still out on whether chitosan really is an effective weight loss ingredient.

A one-month supply of Fatblast Extreme currently sells for about $50, with discounts available for multiple purchases. We find this price to be a bit high compared to similar weight loss formulas. We did find references on some websites to a money back guarantee, but we couldn’t find a clear policy spelled out anywhere.

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  • Fatblast Extreme is sold on a number of different websites.
  • The websites selling the product provide complete ingredient lists and customer testimonials.


  • Fatblast Extreme does not include an appetite suppressant.
  • The formula doesn’t provide a proven fat burner in the mix.
  • References to a money back guarantee were not spelled out clearly.
  • No clinical evidence was provided to back up the claims of the product.


Fatblast Extreme follows the path of numerous other supplements, by promising dieters they can eat whatever they like and this supplement will simply remove the fat from the foods so they don’t pack on extra pounds. We wish dieting were that simple, but unfortunately, a successful diet must incorporate a low-calorie diet, exercise and an effective weight loss supplement containing a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner. We don’t believe Fatblast Extreme offers the best formula to aid in the weight loss process.

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