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The Fatfield Diet was created by the town of Fatfield as part of a reality show. The town gathered together to lose weight and agreed to have the entire process filmed for a television series. The Fatfield Diet book used to be available from Amazon.com and other online retailers, but the book is no longer in print. Used copies can be found from time to time on auction websites and in bookstores and libraries. The Fatfield Diet approached weight loss with a different idea than some other plans. Dieters were allowed to eat large quantities of food that contained low calories. This helped the dieter feel full while promoting weight loss. The only downside to the Fatfield Diet was a lack of exercise support. The plan included no tips for exercise nor did it address the need for exercise as part of a weight loss plan.

List of Ingredients

High volumes of low calorie foods.

Product Features

One of the main complaints made by dieters attempting to eat less to lose weight is hunger. The Fatfield Diet does not promote eating more protein or fat to fight hunger, it promotes eating more food. Cabbage, broccoli, spinach and lettuce have very few calories. Dieters can easily eat huge quantities of these foods and still maintain a low calorie diet and that is exactly what the Fatfield Diet promoted. The list of approved foods was long, allowing dieters to choose what foods they wanted each day, week or month. Very few restaurant or prepared foods were allowed on the diet, so followers needed to plan out meals and menus well in advance. Preparation takes time so the diet requires a certain level of freedom and free time to follow.

The Fatfield Diet book was written by Sally Ann Voak. BBC produced and aired the television series. After the series and book popularity faded away, the book fell out of the spotlight and the publisher stopped production. Today, used copies of the original book and subsequent cookbook are available.

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  • High fiber diet.
  • Promotes eating healthy, low calorie foods for weight loss.
  • Does not allow processed or higher fat foods.


  • The book is no longer in production.
  • Some dieters may not have the time to plan and prepare meals.
  • Eating a lot of food, no matter how healthy, could stretch the stomach.


The Fatfield Diet is a healthy choice for weight loss, despite the lack of exercise integration. It is a shame that the book is no longer in print because dieters could get used to eating more food and still seeing the scale drop. With proper exercise and protein intake, the Fatfield Diet could be the ideal choice for dieters tired of fad diets promoting small food lists.

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