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FatLash is a book written by Karen Kataline. The story tells of a young girl who is forced to consume just 500 calories a day at the age of seven to maintain her small figure for child beauty pageants. While the story is heavily focused on the beauty industry, it envelopes the idea of restriction as one of the main causes of obesity today. Severely restricted diet to less than 1000 calories per day as a means of achieving the perfect body or maintaining a thin body is not going to end well for most dieters. The author ended up turning to food for comfort and protection, something many serial dieters understand. She gained a large amount of weight and by the age of 16 she weighed in at more than 280 pounds.

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  • Book on the backlash of restrictive diets.

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If you look beyond the title and the beauty pageants, FatLash provides an in-depth look at one of the leading causes of yo-yo dieting. Dieters find a new, extreme diet plan that allows very few calories or restricts food choices to the point that the dieter is eating one or two foods a day and they lose weight. But, when the stress and hunger kicks in, weight loss stops and weight gain begins. Dieters often gain more weight than they lost, leading to more negative feelings and a new search for the perfect diet. This is called the FatLash, according to the book’s author and it wreaks havoc on everyone from beauty queens to the average stay-at-home mom.

FatLash is not poised as a diet book, but it is a self-help book that may give dieters a welcome sense of family that helps them feel less alone in a world where food is everyone and all the wrong foods scream for attention.

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  • The book explains how severe restriction can lead to weight gain.
  • Available for sale online for less than most diet self-help books.
  • The author has lived the obese life and returned to a normal weight.


  • There is no dedicated weight loss plan associated with FatLash.


FatLash is a book about life, eating and a fear of being thin that may speak directly to many of the dieters facing diet failure time and time again. Restrictive dieting is not a healthy choice and may lead to rebound weight gain, but FatLash is about more than that. This book gives voice to the millions of women who continue to have trouble losing weight because they feel protected by their overweight bodies.

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