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Fatpacking is the term used for fitness vacations where dieters strap on a backpack and walk to lose weight. Expeditions take place all over the United States, including South Dakota, California and Colorado. Participants pay a fee to join the hiking expedition and attempt to lose weight and increase lean muscle while enjoying the great outdoors. Currently, the official website for Fatpacking lists two potential reality show ideas, but the company is still looking for sponsorship and support from a major television company to make these ideas a reality. Fatpacking is not for everyone. According to the official website, the participant should visit their primary physician before signing up for the challenge. A release form is required before paying for the trip.

List of Ingredients

Backpacking for weight loss and fitness.

Product Features

Participants signing up for the Fatpacking adventure can expect to walk for one to two weeks with all supplies and food carried in a backpack. The pictures of past participants on the official website show slim people who don’t appear to have any weight to lose. According to the FAQs section, the program is not for the medically obese. Participants have some weight to lose or they want to build lean muscle and thus choose the Fatpacking experience.

The average weight loss on a two-week Fatpacking trip is just $5. With an average price of more than $1,000 per trip, dieters may think twice about choosing the outdoor adventure unless they simply want to experience Fatpacking first hand. Weight loss is often offset with lean muscle gain, according to the website. In some cases, dieters gain weight, but lose overall body fat.

There is no running water or showers on the trip. Sometimes, dieters walk through a town so plumbing facilities are available, but this does not occur on all trips. Swimming is a bathing option more often than showers or bathing facilities. Prices include two nights in a hotel, food, transportation to and from the trail on day one and the last day, guides for the trip and permits for trails.

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  • Outdoor exercise adventure for weight loss and muscle growth.
  • May help relieve stress.


  • Not created for obese hikers.
  • May not be suitable for older people.
  • Children and pets are not allowed on Fatpacking trips.
  • Some hikes are more difficult than others.
  • Constant weather changes.
  • No plumbing facilities.


Fatpacking is not for the dieter with hundreds of pounds to lose or those who have never walked around the block. The idea is to get fit and lose weight while enjoying backpacking in the great outdoors. If camping is not your thing, you will probably not like Fatpacking.

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