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Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

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Fatsecret is a website dedicated to those in the throes of weight loss. The site provides online support through member forums, diet challenges and information about various diet programs. There are also diaries available to account for the calories consumed in your diet and the calories burned during your exercise time so you can track your progress. The website is free to join, although registration is required to gain access to the entire site. Once you are logged in, you are free to browse and converse with other dieters to your heart’s content.

We are pleased to see that this online support system is free of charge, although it appears to be a bit slim on the amount of information that is provided. We are particularly concerned with the lack of information regarding exercise and weight loss supplements, since these are two important components of any successful weight loss program. Fatsecret seems to primarily focus on food and current diet fads to alert dieters to the ins and outs of calorie intake. But this does not paint the entire picture of what a successful weight loss program will look like.


Those who register on the Fatsecret website will be able to chat with other dieters, sharing diet secrets and offerin online support to help each other stick with the diet until weight loss goals are met.

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While we are happy to see such an online support system in place, we do not believe that this is all that is required for successful weight loss. Dieters also need to stick with a daily exercise regimen that offers abundant health benefits on top of dropped pounds. Many also find that an effective weight loss supplement gives them the edge they need to control cravings and rev up for the required exercise. Fatsecret doesn’t appear to promote either one.

Membership into Fatsecret.com is completely free of charge and members can participate in the online forums and collect information for as long as they like. We would like to point out that this sort of online support and education will require some time, which is a precious commodity for many dieters today.

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  • Fatsecret is free to all who sign up.
  • The ongoing support may help some dieters stick to their weight loss program.


  • Little information is provided about how to begin a fitness program.
  • We found no information about effective weight loss supplements.
  • The website appears to be a bit thin in practical information.


Support is a key component to a successful weight loss program, which is why Fatsecret may be a website to consider. However, support is not the only factor in dropping pounds. We prefer to see programs that incorporate daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement with diet and support for the best results. Fatsecret may be a good concept, but it cannot stand alone as a weight loss tool.

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24 User Reviews about Fatsecret

  • 1
    Donna Cooper

    How do i register


  • 2
    carol proffitt

    I use fat secret. you can enter food and it breaks down fat ,carbs and sugar. you see it right before your eyes. you can also enter your exercises and keep track of calorie burn. fat secret also allows you to keep count of how much water you drink. you have challenges that you can join and talk to other people. all free. you can also enter food in the database and the calorie count. it is easy to find food that you are looking fore. you can give and get recipe and talk to other people. I like the site.


  • 3
    Steve v

    been using for a few months now. Well 3 years on from this review things have changed. Top logging and tracking system, easy to use, easy to read and good size font, tons of data info etc and extremely useful.. Recommend with 5 bright gold stars.


  • 4

    I love your program it has been a lot of fun and I have successfully lost 17 pounds since February 6 I keep up with the meals and exercise daily and and more than satisfied for that I thank you.

    Today, was my first problem I tried to scan a barcode and the program locked up on me and I can’t seem to get out of that scanning mode, appreciate any advice that you might give me to unlock.



  • 5

    I have been on fatsecret and absolutely love it. It all comes down to counting calories… and if you want to eat more, you will have to eat good stuff. How simple is that? It also syncs to my blackberry and automatically provides dietary information as you enter food.


  • 6
    Jane Smith

    Just started using it yesterday. So far, I’m happy with it. Considering it’s free, can’t really complain about anything. My only suggestion would be to put more exercises in it. The calorie counter is good & it’s easy to add things that may not be in the data base. Haven’t figured out how to access the forum or blog from my droid, even though I’ve done it once.


  • 7

    No exercise info? Maybe they’ve added it since this review? They not only have a fitness forum with challenges that follow different fitness levels, but also an activity calendar where you can log your exercise and keep track of calories burned. Between that, the calorie counter and a mobile app… A+


  • 8

    I love you fat secret calorie counter for the I-pad. I have lost 15 lbs!
    The info is easy to find, very easy to keep records and is a great motivator.
    Thank you!


  • 9

    I don’t think fatsecret’s lack of info on diet supplements as a negative – I think it is a positive. Pills, powders whether ‘natural’ or chemical should not be part of any weight loss program that aims to solve the problem by building habits that can last a life time and sustain healthy weight. No one can take supplements forever.


  • 10

    Started using this app last week, love it, easy to use, syncs fine. Its free so why complain


  • 11

    Anyone reviewed WebMD’s Diet and Exercise plan? Seems more conservative than FatSecret. The exercise portion of calories burned sure is. Thoughts?


  • 12

    Personally, I think Fat Secret is really good. I had no syncing issues from my IPad to computer. Actually, entering data, for those who care, is somehow easier on the IPad, but the Ipad doesn’t have the cookbook/recipes options. I am using it in conjunction with Spark People, but, honestly, Fat Secret is a lot more user friendly.


  • 13

    Works Great, easy to enter in info and follows your progress.


  • 14
    jeanette fleming

    Have not used yet, just looking at info.


  • 15

    Where can I go to learn how to negotiate and interpret the features of fat secret?


  • 16

    Just joined up, downloaded the blackberry app and installed the facebook app – all synced nicely – so far so good… here we go….


  • 17

    I had the syncing issue too, but thankfully only a couple of days after entering data. I had not gone in and synced the app from my phone. I value FS’s vast library of foods to enter into your daily food calendar so that I can keep track with less time. There was nothing that I searched for that I didn’t find. You can see various dietary criteria (of your selection) which helps personalize the program. I’m very happy also with the support that it offers. Trying to do it entirely on your own is so much harder. You can also enter your exercise regimen into your daily log if you like. As far as supplements, I am familiar with the ones that I should be taking.


  • 18

    Love it! the website is great and the App works great on my Driod


  • 19

    FS is like a face book with the ability to track weight, keep tabs on calories fats sodium etc. You can look up foods, recipes, make a recipe to see what nutrition is and make good friends. Downside is they have occasional technical issues at inconvenient times. Good site tho and free.


  • 20

    I think Fatsecret’s really nice. It offers everything I liked about Weight Watcher’s online–the food diary, ability to add your own info, weight tracking–for free. I actually like the weight tracking better. Unless it’s improved since I used it last, on Weight Watchers you couldn’t track your weight every day, just once a week.


    billy billy bop

    A good tip on dieting is to NOT be weighing yourself every day, your body weight fluctuates too much, and not seeing the numbers drop enough day to day can be discouraging to many. Weigh-in once a week is reccommended


  • 21

    So far i just joined and it is supportive and easy to track ur food which helps you realize what you are eating, i think its a great support group for ppl who cannot afford to go to meeting ie Weight Watchers etc :)


  • 22

    Spent 30 minutes entering data just to lose it all during the sync process from phone to web. Support was of no help.


  • 23

    It says ON THEIR MAIN PAGE that they do not advocate diet supplements. Duh.