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FaXiang Hou is a practitioner of Medical QiGong and of traditional Chinese medicines. His family has been involved with the methods of healing for generations. He is also noted for his knowledge in the area of Ching Loong San Dian Xue Mi Gong Fa healing.

FaXiang Hou has also authored many books on proper eating and dietary practices. His most famous book, Unleashing the Power of Food, contains many of his own recipes and dieting tips. He also has released a DVD series of weight loss and better eating tips.

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FaXiang Hou book Unleashing the Power of Food provides the reader with over 200 healthy recipes that are designed to help the body lose weight. FaXiang Hou focuses on traditional Chinese methods, which include foods that detoxify the body and cleanse the immune system. This method provides for better overall health. His methods help to both lose weight and live healthier.

FaXiang Hou also has another book that has been incredibly helpful for those looking to lose weight – QiGong For Health and Well-Being. This book focuses on the incorporation of QuGong into daily eating habits.

He has also released a DVD series entitled True Healing QiGong. The DVD series includes video footage of FaXiang Hou preparing healthy foods and tips on how to live healthier and lose weight. He goes into great detail about how QiGong can help people live a healthier and more focused, energy filled life.

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  • FaXiang Hou’s literature and DVD series provide customers with recipes and specifics on how to lose weight and live healthier.
  • His methods are all 100% natural and focus on detoxifying and cleansing the body. This does help to creates a healthier body as well as helping to fight against diseases.


  • For those looking for some type of dietary supplement, FaXiang Hou does not provide or manufacture any product of that nature.
  • FaXiang Hou practices traditional, and to some ritualistic, Chinese methods of healing. Some might look at these as being a bit “impractical.”
  • FaXiang Hou’s site does not provide customer’s bios who have used his materials and seen success in weight loss and improved health.
  • There have never been any clinical studies on FaXiang Hou’s methods of healing.


FaXiang Hou has been practicing simplistic methods to detoxify the body and increase health for years. Although his methods might appear to be a bit archaic, FaXiang Hou claims that his methods help to both increase body energy and strengthen the body.

While FaXiang Hou’s methods might indeed be healthy, for those looking for some type of dietary aid product, FaXiang Hou’s methods might not be quite what you are looking for.

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