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Feasters Lasting Weight Loss program was founded by nurse Debbie Morris after her own struggle with taking off the extra pounds and keeping them off. Morris claims that her program will help dieters lose the weight and keep it off without diets, exercise or supplements. We are immediately skeptical of a diet plan that makes such claims, but we will investigate the Feasters program further to see if it can actually make good on its promises.

The program is promoted through Morris’s website, but we were unable to find other online retailers providing this product. The company website claims that Feasters is “scientifically based, time tested and life changing.” The website also provides a few customer testimonials touting the praises of this program. However, we were disappointed to find that the scientific basis for this program is not offered on the website – at least not until you fork over the cash for the products. We prefer companies that are up front about the components of their program prior to purchase, so consumers can make savvy choices about their weight loss needs.


It appears that the Feasters Lasting Weight Loss program basically consists of a CD seminar, workbook, coaching forum and online support.

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Morris claims that users of the plan do not need to exercise unless they want to and they don’t have to modify their food choices in any way. Morris also states that no supplements are used in the Feasters Lasting Weight Loss program.

Unfortunately, the program does not choose to disclose precisely what is included in this plan, leaving consumers in the dark as to exactly what Feasters consists of. We believe that responsible diet plans will include a low-calorie diet, daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement to give dieters the needed edge in meeting their weight loss goals. We aren’t sure what this program might include that would provide the same level of success without any of these components.

A complete Feasters program costs about $198 at the time of this review. This is a pricey proposition, considering that little information is provided about the program and no money back guarantee appears to be offered.

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  • Feasters was established by a medical professional who struggled with her own weight issues.


  • Little specific information is provided about the program.
  • The plan does not include a low-calorie diet or exercise.
  • No weight loss supplement is recommended.


We believe that the most effective weight loss programs will incorporate a low-calorie diet, daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement. Feasters Lasting Weight Loss program does not appear to include any of the above. With little information and a high price tag, we believe consumers may be better off searching for their weight loss solutions elsewhere.

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