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Fed Up! The Breakthrough Ten-Step, No-Diet Fitness Plan is a book for those who have fallen off the wagon time and time again in their weight loss efforts. The author, Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt knows all too well the frustration that dieting brings with it, because she has dealt with her own weight struggles and eating disorders for a good portion of her life. Her approach to weight loss is straightforward; stop dieting and you will lose the weight. She explains that the low success rate of diets is enough basis to say that dieting doesn’t work. She offers an alternative to the dieting cycle with a sensible approach to eating and exercise that focuses more on good health than weight loss.

The book is available through numerous online retailers and has received many positive consumer reviews. However, many people may find that a book about weight loss and actually losing the weight are two very different things. While collecting information in this manner may help some, it won’t be the right approach for everyone.


The Fed Up! The Brealthrough Ten-Step, No-Diet Fitness Plan.

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Most of the information in this book appears to attempt to dispel the myths about dieting and a hard core exercise program to lose weight. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of specifics regarding diet and exercise. The book also does not recommend any sort of supplementation; in fact, the author appears to be very much against any sort of supplement or medication to assist with weight loss goals. However, we believe that some dieters will do much better with their weight loss attempts when they take a safe, effective supplement that will provide them with a needed edge.

The list price for Fed Up! The Breakthrough Ten-Step, No-Diet Fitness Plan is about $21 at the time of this review. However, we found it through a number of book warehouses and online auction sites for much less. Unfortunately, there is not a money back guarantee listed for this product.

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  • Fed Up! promises to take a sensible approach to weight loss.
  • The book is written by a doctor who has battled her weight.


  • The book doesn’t provide sufficient information about how to eat and exercise.
  • The book doesn’t recommend any sort of supplementation.
  • There is no return policy on the product.


We would certainly not discourage anyone from reading Fed Up! who wants to collect additional information on the best methods for losing weight. However, a book about weight loss may not be sufficient to help one actually achieve specific weight loss goals. We would encourage those who choose to read this book to combine the information with a sensible, low-calorie diet, daily exercise and a safe, effective supplement for the best results.

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