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The Feed Muscle Shrink Fat Diet is based on a book written by Kathy Smith. There is no official website for the book, but a detailed description and customer reviews are available online. The basic outline of the diet is protein with fiber and vitamin C. There are many diet based on this same concept, so we expect the Feed Muscle Shrink Fat Diet is just another book selling the same healthy eating habits. The book sells for less than $5 on Amazon.com and other reseller websites.

List of Ingredients

Self-help book for weight loss – high fiber, high protein, high vitamin C.

Product Features

The daily eating plan presented in the book includes three meals and two snacks per day. Multiple meals and snacks are used to regulate blood glucose levels. When blood glucose spikes and falls rapidly, hunger is the ultimate result. Increased hunger means anxiety or increased eating, which leads to weight gain. The book includes shopping lists, recipes and snack lists.

White carbohydrates are reduced in the first stages of the diet. Complex carbs by means of fruit and vegetables are still allowed, but processed carbs are a no-no. The diet feels like an altered version of the Atkins diet without the fat. Many diet professionals take the carbs out of a diet plan and leave fat levels low. This can lead to increased hunger if enough protein is not consumed. Lean protein tends to pack a lot of protein in a small serving, so eating right can be tricky for a dieter.

Kathy Smith supports increased water intake and exercise for weight loss. This is important with any diet plan so this does not make the Feed Muscle Shrink Fat Diet any more effective. The name of the book leads the dieter to believe muscle tissue is preserved while the diet is followed. This would require a strong emphasis on protein, which we did not find in the produce description.

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  • The book is less expensive than other self-help or dieting books.
  • Supports high fiber, high protein eating.
  • Supports healthy exercise for weight loss.


  • No specific outline or menu plans are available online.
  • The book was written in 2008.
  • No clinical research listed to support muscle support.


The Feed Muscle Shrink Fat Diet is supposed to support healthy muscles to increased fat burn. That is not exactly how increased metabolism or weight loss works. Even if the dieter supports healthy muscles with protein that does not ensure increased fat burn. Supplements like caffeine and green tea work to improve metabolism and they can be taken with a healthy diet and exercise program. This book does not appear to support supplements, but we think there is a good natural supplement for every dieter.

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