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Just a few decades ago, scientists had a relatively small amount of information regarding disabilities and how to help children with special needs. Today, the known categories of special needs has increased, and more and more children seem to be diagnosed with different types of learning disabilities. One of the commonly mentioned disabilities is ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The Feingold Diet, named after founder Dr. Benjamin Feingold, is geared to use a diet to help children who are diagnosed with ADHD.

Proponents of the Feingold Diet say that the diet offers natural foods while staying away from processed additives, thereby assuaging the problems that ADHD children have. The diet has been in existence for quite a while – Feinglod first began researching the links between children’s diets and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the 1960s.

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The Feingold Diet has two stages. In Stage One, you eliminate foods with artificial preservatives, aspartame, and artificial flavors. This stage generally takes about a month to a month and a half. In stage two, you can start adding salicylates and start testing the child’s reactions. The cost to join the Feingold Program is about $70, plus $13.50 for shipping and handling.

Once you sign up, you should receive a regular newsletter, which will tell you about various good products, as well as provide you with information about what you need to avoid. The newsletter will also have product reviews, menus, information about workshops, and other news related to the diet and other scientific information.

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  • Unlike other companies that make claims but don’t seem to have much scientific backing, the Feingold Diet does have scientific documentation to support what it proposes.
  • If the diet does work, it could help children with learning disabilities.
  • The Feingold Association has been around since 1976.


  • The diet is geared only toward children, not adults.
  • Although it does mention exercise, the Feingold Diet only offers a program on what the child should eat. It’s really hard to separate healthy eating and exercise in a solid diet plan.
  • The Feingold Diet has a lot of limitations.
  • It might be a little too idealistic to actually work, since it’s often hard to avoid many of the foods that it tells you to stay away from.


The Feingold Diet has been around for about 50 years. Dr. Feingold first began researching how children’s diets have had an effect on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the 1960s. The Feingold Diet has been around much longer than many of the “fad diets” that are being talked about today. But many are still skeptical of older diets as well as the newer ones.

The Feingold Diet is intended for ADHC children with the goal of eliminating foods that would affect allergies and other problems ADHD children may have. This is not a weight-loss diet plan.

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5 User Reviews about Feingold Diet

  • 1
    jo martin

    I would like to find a copy of the orignal book.


    Shula Edelkind

    For Jo – you can get a copy of Dr. Feingold’s original book, “Why Your Child Is Hyperactive” on Amazon (so a search). It is a reprint but not updated. You can sometimes get a hard copy of the original book in used bookstores or on ebay – there is one currently available at BetterWorldBooks.com for under $4. This book is great for historical reading and much of what Dr. Feingold writes sounds almost like prophesy reading it now, 40 years later. However, if you want to DO the diet for yourself or your family, please come to the Feingold Association website where you can get up to date information and guidance materials.


  • 2
    Jane Hersey

    Some of your comments are accurate, but quite a few are not exactly correct. The diet was first used to help an adult, and later extended to children. Dr. Feingold’s intent was not to just address ADHD (a term which would not be created for many years later). In the video it is claimed that the only information one receives is a “Cookbook” and this is not so. The membership package has many materials and services included.
    The diet is not difficult and has few limitations, and it is not about allergies, as is stated above.
    Please contact us and we will be glad to help you correct the misinformation (and the typos). But we do appreciate that you are telling people about the work of our nonprofit organization.
    Jane Hersey, national director, Feingold Association of the US



    Do they have any thing to help with families that can not afford to join? My grandson I am sure would benefit but I do not have the money to do so. Any payments plans or anything? Thank you for your time.


  • 3
    Monica Hicks

    It is not a diet for children with disablities. It is a diet for people with food sensitivities. Sometimes theses sensitivities manifest themselves in the form of behavioral problems or digestive problems. Adults can also follow the diet.