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We found FeiYan Tea available for sale through a number of British websites but could not find online retailers based in the United States offering this product. The websites selling this tea claim that the product is a slimming tea that will detoxify the body, reduce excess fat and keep the bowels healthy. It is recommended that users begin drinking one cup of the tea every day, gradually increasing to two cups after an unspecified period of time. One online retailer provided customer testimonials from people who have lost significant amounts of weight by drinking the tea. It was not specified whether these same people used any other means of diet or exercise at the same time.

We do not doubt that drinking tea is a healthy habit. But can it really contribute positively to a weight loss program? We will dig deeper into the FeiYan tea formula to see if there is any indication that this product really could enhance a weight loss program as effectively as some of the supplements currently on the market can. Unfortunately, the websites we found that were offering this product did not provide as many details as we would like, so it may be challenging to ascertain the precise benefits of this beverage.


One online retailer that we found did provide an ingredient list for their FeiYan Tea. The tea formula includes He Ye, Cha Ye, Chao Jie Ming, Retinervus Luffae Fructus, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride and Semen Coicis. Unfortunately, we do not see anything in this formula that will effectively contribute to a weight loss program.

The most effective weight loss supplements will contain a proven fat burner like Citrimax to increase the metabolism and make the most out of daily workouts. It will also include safe stimulants like green tea extract that can boost energy levels to make it easier to stick with a diet and exercise program. The formula for FeiYan Tea does not appear to contain either of these ingredients.

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There is some concern over why FeiYan Tea is difficult to find from US online retailers. Is it because the formula is not considered safe in this country or is there simply not much demand for this type of weight loss supplement? It may be a moot point if US residents are simply unable to obtain the FeiYan Tea to try for themselves.

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  • Drinking tea is a healthy habit for most people.
  • One online retailer did offer a complete ingredient list and customer testimonials.


  • There is nothing in the FeiYan Tea formula to suggest it would be effective for weight loss.
  • The tea does not appear to be available for purchase in the US.
  • Pregnant women and those with colon conditions should not drink this tea.


FeiYan Tea has been used in China for centuries, but there is nothing to prove that this product will aid in weight loss in any way. Drink tea for your health, but look elsewhere for an effective weight loss supplement that will help you shed excess pounds.

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    I have been drinking Feiyan tea for about 2 months now and have lost nearly 30 pounds. In the first 3 weeks i was still eating out and not exercising and lost about 11 pounds. Then i quit eating take outs and started exercising and the weight dropped off even more. I was 14 stones 11 pounds i am now 12 stones 9 pounds. My goal is to reach atleast 10 stones 6 pounds. I feel a lot more energetic and so much happier. In the start of drinking this tea it did make me poop a lot but i don’t mind since i work from home. I use to go 6-7 times a day sorry for tmi. N now i go 2 or 3 times. So it does calm down after a while. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with losing weight.


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    Hi can someone please tell me do you still lose weight if you drink 1 cup now and than or you don’t


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    I have been drinking this tea twice a day for a week and it has made a difference. However, I have been getting stomach cramps and chronic diarrhea! Is this normal? Can somebody advise? I don’t want it to cause long term problems.



    i need to know is it safe


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    Hi, when i was living in africa i have used this tea and it did help me a lot, can i purchased it here in maryland usa? if yes, where?


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    Hi i live on connecticut usa and was wondering where i can purchase this tea as i cant find it anywhere .. many thanks steph


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    I will start by saying its the best weight loss programme ever. Im on it 2 weeks now. I did have 3 cups of tea a day didnt know you started with one.I exercise real easy in a gym on a bike and cross trainer for 40 mins 3 times a week. I gave up bread and started drinking 2 lts of water a day too.Thats all i did different i ate everything else except sweets. Anyway at the start its best to be near a loo as it really cleans out your bowel and you could have an accident the first few days but you then start to manage it better. I have recommended it to my friends now. Can you believe i lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks yes 2 weeks its amazing stuff and it tastes nice too. I just cant believe im only finding this product at age 37. Better late than never.


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    iwas operate gall bladder in my intestin so i want to know if i drink feiyan tea it will a problem or i can drink


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    i have been drinking this tea for 2weeks now, i also have friends that have been drinking it, between us we have lost a staggering ammount of weight, but then this is mainly down to following a healthy controlled diet, i use the gym 3/4 times a weekso am active too, this really has helped me and boostedmy weight loss as it has slowed down now i dont have that much too loose now. i have recommended this to many and it cam highly recommended to me.
    you can get cramps and it does some times send you running for the toilet, but you soon get used to that and learn when to drink the tea so you have control over this, i am now drinking 2 cups a day and will poss need to up it to 3 in the near future :o)good luck guys


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    Hi All,

    I started this tea about a week ago, I have to admit that it really helps with a bloated tummy and I feel it aids digestion too, the only downside is the cramps, but I think as long as you drink plenty of water, eat loads of fruit and veg and try to exercise you should notice some weight loss, I have lost just under half a stone.


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    Louise, you should not get diarrhoea, if you do you have taken too much and it is unhealthy for your body to dehydrate which diarrhoea does. However, it will help to soften your stool and cleanse your gut. I have yet to see whether it helps with weightloss but my guess is it will help a bit.


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    Louise Kavanagh

    I have been drinking 3 cups ot this tea since tuesday, but only using the 1 tea bag for the 3 cups am i doing this right. Shoule i be experiencing diarohha as i am not at all yet and have read that it causes diarroha. Looking forward to your reply.


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    1 cup at night for 1 or 2 nights is greatwhen I get constipation. Anymore than that brings stomach cramps and diarrhoea. So I use Feiyan Tea occasionally and never more than 1 cup at night.


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    I used feiyan tea over a week. I was told to drink it instead of cola. Or normal teas. So there i was, drinking this tea all day.
    It made me feel better in myself and i managed to lose 9lb. Because i was filling up on it too. So if the desired effect isnt happening with one cup just drink more!


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    i have been on feiyan tea
    for 5days it do give craps and make u swet it good


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    i started drinking it 5 days ago i have 1 cup before bed but dont feel like its doing mucj ive also started excercising so fingers crossed.


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    ive read your bit on feiyan tea and would like to say a few things as a long time drinker of it. it is good for wait loss but at a little price which is stomach cramps and diarea not severe but uncomfortable. it is a dieretic after all… all the ingredients are natural so much better than the drugs or supplements you can buy. 1 cup a day after your evening meal for the first week. 2 cups a day there after 1 in the morning 1 in the evening if you feel your up to it. on average weight loss betwwen 3 and 7 lbs a week depending how active you are. hope this has been helpfull if you want to know ingredients or any questions e-mail me at carmine1975@msn.com ….ciao


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    I had one tea bag today from a friend. 5 hours later after eating crisps I had agonising pain and couldnt get to the toilet in time. Do not take this product if you suffer from IBS or trapped wind this is ten times worse!!


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    Hi I have just read your infor on Feiyan tea,I have used this tea on two occasions now and also recomended it to a friend we both lost a reasonable amount of wieght around 3lb a week you also get rid of the blotted feelling in your belly.