Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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What if losing weight were as easy as chewing a piece of gum? Well, believe it or not, there are diet products that come in the form of chewing gum. However, you must consider the key ingredients used in these products before you actually choose one to assist you with weight loss. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum, which is available online for $9.99 per pack (eight pieces). It is marketed as a Bi-Layer Gum that is sugarless and fruit flavored.


  • Satiereal Saffron Extract Non-GMO Std. to 0.34% Safranal 0.3mg
  • Isomalt
  • Gum Base
  • Calcium Stearate
  • Natural Peppermint Flavor
  • Rebiana A (from Stevia Leaf)

Product Features

Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum is directed to be chewed twice daily, prior to meals. This basically means that a pack will last you for four days. This chewing gum aims to help control your appetite and food cravings. According to the manufacturer, you will eat less at meals, snack less throughout the day, and consume fewer calories overall, when using Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum. A 1-800 number is provided online for people with questions and/or concerns regarding this diet gum.

Only one key ingredient is mentioned for Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum. It is Satiereal Saffron Extract, which is claimed to support appetite control, and reduce food cravings. When chewing this gum, you might also notice an improvement in mood, as well as a lessened desire for snack foods and junk food. There is no special diet plan mentioned for this weight loss gum, and no fitness regimen is recommended with this product.

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  • Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum is very convenient.
  • This chewing gum might help suppress hunger to some level.
  • There is no sugar used in this product, which some people will appreciate.


  • There are no clinical study results provided to support this diet gum.
  • No success stories were found to support Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum.
  • When you consider that this gum is chewed twice each day, a single pack will only last you four days.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee provided with this weight loss gum.


In the end, we do not recommend Fembody Appetite Control 100 Gum for real weight loss. First of all, you would have to spend $9.99 twice a week in order to use this gum as needed. This would get very expensive really quickly. On a separate note, there is no clinical evidence provided to support the claims made about this diet chewing gum. Moreover, no user testimonials or success stories were found to support this weight loss product either.

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