Femme Slender Slim-X Review

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Some diet products are specifically for women or men. It is important to read the labels on any weight loss supplements you consider, because you need to be certain the diet product is okay for you. One weight loss formula sold online is Femme Slender Slim-X. This is one of several products offered by Femme Slender, and it sells for $32.99 per bottle (180 capsules). It is advertised as a natural supplement that supports effective weight management.


  • Sunflower Oil (40-60% conjugated linoleic acid) 500mg

Product Features

Femme Slender Slim-X is touted as a product that is safe, and specifically geared toward women. It is claimed to help your body reduce fat levels, by allowing fat cells to be used as energy. At the same time, this product prevents the loss of lean muscle tissue. In time you should look more toned, slimmer, and more fit. A pharmaceutical grade key ingredient is used in Femme Slender Slim-X to assist with weight management. Unfortunately we were unable to find success stories and user testimonials to support this diet product.

The only ingredient specified for Femme Slender Slim-X is CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. This is derived from Sunflower Oil, and it is supposed to help you sculpt and tone your body. CLA helps preserve lean muscle mass, while allowing your body to utilize fat as a source of energy. While there is no special diet plan or workout regimen recommended with Femme Slender Slim-X, both will certainly help with real weight loss. After reviewing a number of online stores, it appears that this weight loss formula has been discontinued, and is no longer for sale.

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  • Femme Slender Slim-X contains CLA from sunflower oil.
  • No dangerous ingredients like Ephedrine or Ephedra are used in this diet pill.


  • This weight management supplement has been discontinued, and is not available.
  • The only key ingredient mentioned for this supplement is CLA.
  • There is no healthy diet plan encouraged with Femme Slender Slim-X.
  • There are alternative CLA-based supplements available for less money.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions to this weight loss product.


One of the wonderful things about diet pills and weight management supplements is the variety of products available. If there is one that fails to work for you, you can always try something else. In regards to Femme Slender Slim-X, this product is no longer on the market, so you will have to choose something else. While this formula does contain CLA from Sunflower Oil, this is the only ingredient it offers. Therefore it is not the most promising weight loss product out there to address existing body fat and long-term weight loss.

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