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Fen-72 is a three-day detox supplement offered free with certain orders of Fenphedra. There is no information on the supplement published on the official Fenphedra website. Being that the supplement is a detox, we can assume there are colon cleansers and diuretics in the formula, but that would be just a guess. When it comes to choosing the best diet pills, it is important to know what ingredients are used and how much of each ingredient is included. Fen-72 does not offer that information to dieters.

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No ingredient information found.

Product Features

Fenphedra is marketed as one of the most effective weight loss supplements currently sold. The trouble with that is the fact that Fenphedra offers no real weight loss information to dieters trying to learn more about the supplement. The official website for Fenphedra tries to lure customers into buying large quantities by offering Fen-72 free of charge. If a dieter is supposed to take the company up on that offer, they need to know the ingredients in the supplement. The lack of ingredients is a huge oversight by the manufacturers of Fen-72.

Fen-72 is described as a three-day detox. Some users say they feel cleaner after using the supplement, which leads us to believe there are natural laxatives in the formula. According to the short description, the 72-hour detox pill will increase weight loss by 150% when taken with Fenphedra. This claim is not supported with any clinical trials or customer testimonials. In order to receive a free bottle of Fen-72, the dieter must purchase at least two bottles of Fenphedra. That order would cost $134.99. With a two bottle Fenphedra purchase, the dieter receives two free bottles of Fen-72.

Colon cleansing and detox is not a weight loss solution. Experts advise only detoxing twice a year, so why include two bottles of Fen-72 if the product should not be taken regularly? Additional packages are available with each additional bottle of Fenphedra resulting in a free bottle of Fen-72.

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  • No ingredient information found.
  • Fen-72 cannot be purchased separately.


We do not approve of diet pill manufacturers selling products with no ingredient information. If Fenphedra is a top weight loss product, the manufacturer should be more than willing to share information on the free supplement Fen-72. Without a list of ingredients, the dieter can only assume the supplement is safe and safety is nothing to assume. Most detox supplements include natural laxatives and diuretics, which can lead to harmful side effects.

We support using weight loss supplements with proven ingredients like Green Tea and Chromium. Colon cleansers and detox supplements will not offer long-term weight loss solutions to any dieter.

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    Sam Willis

    Should I take both Fen-72 and Fenphedra at the same time and as a Diabetic with Hypertension and some heart issues use this product?