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Fenproporex is the generic name for the drug Lipenan, a prescription strength appetite suppressant that may also be used to treat stress-related disorders. This is an interesting concept, considering that some studies have shown that high levels of stress can indeed contribute to weight gain. However, we will need to look further at this medication to see if it really can deliver on both counts. The medication is only available by prescription, although we found websites based in other countries that will sell Fenproporex without a doctor’s recommendation. We find this to be a dangerous practice, since the drug is clearly not regulated when it is dispensed in this manner.

There is very little information about Fenproporex online, although a fairly recent FDA report states that this substance is not approved for use in the United States. It appears to have originated in South America or Mexico, where it is sold through online retailers to suppress appetite and reduce stress levels. Apparently, this substance is converted to an amphetamine by the body, making it a medication with many potentially serious side effects and possibly illegal for some athletes to use. It will show up in drug testing as an amphetamine in the system.



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Sometimes Fenproporex is a single ingredient in a larger formulary that is marketed as a weight loss medication. It appears that the FDA does not approve of the sale or use of such substances, and urges consumers to throw out medications containing ingredients like Fenproporex. It appears that the risks associated with this substance far outweigh the possible benefits of helping users reach their weight loss goals.

Another website does recommend that Fenproporex be used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise to increase the benefits of this medication. While we like the idea of combining a weight loss supplement with diet and exercise, we don’t feel that Fenproporex is the safest medication for this purpose.

Since Fenproporex is not available in the United States, we were unable to find any sort of pricing or return information for the medication. Consumers who are interested in obtaining more information about Fenproporex may consult their physician’s, although the lack of availability in this country may make it difficult to collect sufficient date about the drug.

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  • Fenproporex is only available with a physician’s approval.
  • The medication provides prescription strength appetite suppression.


  • There is little information available for Fenproporex.
  • The FDA has serious concerns over the safety of this substance.
  • The product may not be available in the United States


In light of concerns over Fenproporex by the FDA and the lack of availability in the United States, we do not feel comfortable recommending this drug as a weight loss supplement. We believe there are other substances that can provide safe and effective weight loss solutions, and we recommend that consumers check out these options instead.

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    How we can buy?


  • 2

    Is fenproporex a stronger stimulant than clobenzorex..??


  • 3

    I just bought feprorex from mexico, it’s 20 mg., how much should i take, & when?am or pm?, hope it works, need to lose 25 pounds., have never heard of this drug before, any bad side effects??



    yes, its like putting meth in a drink, it makes you hyper, where u dont want to eat, you want to go out and clean things and just running around, but taking a high does will make you no t want to lay down, ur heart speeds up,


    Your Name

    I took 30mg and lost 40lbs in 7 months and it did speed me up but I wish it was easier to find.


  • 4
    Don Morrison

    I am curious to how long this product stays in your body. Taken one time how long before it won’t show in a drug screen?


  • 5
    Maureen Hebert

    I’ve been prescribed Fenproporex for the past year and have had successful results. My ony problem is I have to drive to Mexico to get the medication. Is it available on-line?


  • 6

    if i take 40mg of fenoproporex what will happen



    You will get a little high, waves of euphoria, motivation, sociability etc… Nothing will happen except your tolerance will increase each time you up the dose. It is a prodrud that metabolizes into amphetamines.


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