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What You Should Know

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If you’re looking for a diet aid that’s controversial, then Fenterdren may be one of your best bets. Advertisements say that the diet aid is still legal, and that the controversies surround its ability to help burn fat quickly. The company also says that its product is very powerful, but that it does not contain Ephedra.

For some customers, the controversies and the claim that it can help you burn fat quickly could make the product intriguing. Others won’t want to take the risk.

List of Ingredients

Fenterdren’s main ingredients include Phenylethyamine HCl, Synephrine HCl, and Dicaffeine Malate.

Sometimes Synephrine is referred to as Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange Extract. There are no known stimulating side effects, but it is supposed to stimulate metabolic rates. Some say that Dicaffeine Malate is supposed to be like a better alternative to caffeine. Supposedly, both Dicaffeine Malate and caffeine help reduce one’s appetite.

Product Features

The company says that you can purchase a 30-day supply bottle for $147, but that you can also buy it for $33-$59.

It also says that it is completely free of Ephedrine and Ephedrine Alkaloids. It ships the product within a day with a two-day Priority Mail. The company says that customers who aren’t 100 percent satisfied can return unopened bottles for a refund, minus shipping. Customers who get the full refund can still keep their free gift. However, it doesn’t refund used or opened bottles.

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  • Some say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The fact that it has been mired in controversy may actually make it more popular in some circles – especially for those who are easily intrigued.
  • The company claims that the diet aid is still legal.
  • Supposedly, it is supposed to help someone burn calories very quickly.


  • The controversies surrounding it make it less appealing for people who prefer to abide by the rules and to play it safe.
  • It has not been completely proven whether it makes you healthier.
  • Many customers will be wary about the advertisements that say the product is still legal. Most companies don’t have to tell their customers that, so it may actually make it look more suspicious.
  • The company does not refund opened or used bottles if the customer isn’t satisfied..


There’s plenty of controversy surrounding many different types of diet aids, supplements and weight loss programs. Many of these products and programs don’t focus on both diet and working out, or they may be “lose-weight-quick” scams. If nothing else, people often question if they’re worth the money. Fenterdren is actually even more controversial than most other diet aids.

The company says that the product it advertises is still legal, but some may still be skeptical about it. The fact that a product is legal doesn’t mean that it’s effective or that it will help someone become healthier. Consumers are advised to talk to their doctor and do some studying for themselves before purchasing a product such as this.

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