Few Foods Elimation Diet Review

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The Few-Foods Elimination Diet allows a dieter to consume two foods for several days as a means of eliminating the chance of an allergic reaction. The diet is typically followed with the help of a doctor or nutritionist. After a few days, the foods are changed and any allergic reaction noted. Two more foods are added to the Few-Foods Elimination Diet and the process continues. The diet is not used for weight loss. It is used to narrow down the foods causing an allergic reaction. When the doctor is finished running through food sets, there will be a list of foods the dieter should never eat and foods they are allowed to continue eating.

List of Ingredients

Doctor-supervised elimination diet for food allergies.

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Examples of foods paired on the Few-Foods Elimination Diet include cod and cabbage or zucchini and mackerel. One food is more likely to cause an allergic reaction and the other is rarely known to cause an allergic reaction. If there dieter has a problem with the food combination, one food may be eliminated to note changes in reaction. If that eliminated food stops the medical reaction, the food is added to the list of foods to avoid.

In terms of weight loss, there is no medical support for weight loss on the Few-Foods Elimination Diet, but the allowed foods are so limited, weight loss is the inevitable result. Doctor’s suggest following the diet for only a few days at a time. Within three days, any food allergy should present with a negative reaction, which could include skin rash, trouble breathing or anaphylaxis. If a severe reaction occurs, the patient will need to be treated by a medical professional.

There is no cost for the Few-Foods Elimination Diet, but the program should be started by a nutritionist working with a food allergist. There is no exercise plan or supplement list offered with the Few-Foods Elimination Diet. For optimal weight loss, dieters need to burn more calories than they consume, so the dieter cannot simply eat as much of the few foods as they like – portion control is a must.

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  • The diet is free to follow.
  • May help a diet learn portion control.


  • Only two foods are allowed at any given time.
  • Used to determine food allergies.
  • Should not be followed without a doctor’s care.


The Few-Foods Elimination Diet helps a food allergist to narrow down potential food threats that cause a negative reaction. Foods continue to cycle until the doctor can find the specific foods to eliminate. There are no clinical trials supporting weight loss on the plan. Supplements commonly used for weight loss include caffeine and green tea – both proven.

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