Fexotropin Review

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What You Should Know

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You need to take your time when shopping for a weight loss supplement. While there are plenty of diet pills available over-the-counter, you do not want to blindly select one, and only be left with nothing but an empty wallet and some negative side effects. This is why we created this review on Fexotropin capsules. This weight loss product is advertised as a supplement you can trust. It is boasted as fast and proven. As for the cost of Fexotropin, this product is normally available for $129.95 per bottle, but is on sale for $69.95. It is sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Green Select Green Tea (50% Natural Caffeine)
  • Advantra Z (30% Synephrine)
  • Guarana (22% Caffeine)
  • Kola Nut
  • Yerba Mate (8% Caffeine)
  • Dicaffeine Malate (73% Caffeine)
  • Oolong Tea
  • White Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Product Features

Fexotropin is taken twice each day (one capsule with water). This diet pill is supposed to assist by energizing your body, boosting your metabolism, and reducing stored body fat. It is marketed at women and men alike, 18 and older. There is no special diet plan or fitness regimen recommended with Fexotropin, but these will likely improve your weight loss results.

Several key ingredients are used in Fexotropin capsules. These include Green Tea Extract (provides antioxidants and caffeine to boost metabolic rates), Advantra Z (this contains Synephrine to increase thermo genesis and cause the breakdown of body fat), Guarana Extract (offers caffeine to increase energy), Kola Nut (may aid with weight reduction), Yerba Mate (contains caffeine to boost the metabolism), Oolong Tea (may calm the senses), Green Coffee Bean Extract (offers caffeine and antioxidants to boost energy levels and the body’s metabolism), and Black Tea (contains caffeine to improve focus).

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  • Some user testimonials are posted on the main website.
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee presented on the website.
  • An FAQ section is provided on the website, which is helpful.


  • The cost of Fexotropin is $69.95 per bottle (regular price is $129.95).
  • There is no information provided on the manufacturer of this diet pill.
  • This weight loss supplement may lead to side effects.
  • There are numerous sources of caffeine found in Fexotropin.
  • The Synephrine in this product may cause bad reactions like Ephedra.


There are numerous forms of caffeine found in Fexotropin, which is certainly concerning. After all, this level of caffeine will likely cause some side effects. Then there is Synephrine used in this diet pill as well, which mimics Ephedra. When combined with all of the caffeine, this makes for a dangerous combination. Clearly we do not recommend Fexotropin capsules. Regardless, the price tag on this product may be enough to steer you in the other direction.

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