Fiber-32 Diet Review

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The Fiber-35 Diet is a supplement that was developed by Brenda Watson. She is a speaker for H.O.P.E. Formula which is known as the Ultimate Health Secret in the weight loss industry. She is also a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Nutritional Nurse. The Fiber-35 Diet appears to be a part of a regimen that includes using supplements with a diet and exercise regimen in order to achieve maximum results. In this review we will take a closer look at the Fiber-35 Diet to try and determine if it could be used as an effective weight loss aid.


Some of the products appear to contain ingredients such as Yerba Mate, Orange Peel, fiber, green tea, and other natural ingredients.

Yerba Mate is a tree that is cultivated in Paraguay, Brazil, and northern Argentina. It is said that is has the capabilities to reduce fatigue, suppress appetites, and boost metabolism. Orange Peel is said to have comparable effects to the United States banned ingredient, Ephedra, but without all of the harmful side effects. It is said to increase the effects of thermogenesis, which is when the body uses its own heat to burn calories. Green Tea is an excellent clean source of caffeine that also contains antioxidants and many other types of vitamins and minerals that may be useful for many other things in the nutrition industry as well.

Product Features

The Fiber-35 Diet is said to be a weight loss program that is said to have the capabilities of curbing cravings, fight fatigue and reduce energy loss. The main thing that this program includes that some may think is all too often overlooked is Fiber. Fiber has been shown in some studies to be a good supplement to use while trying to lose weight due to its ability to help you digest your food properly.

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  • Appears to contain ingredients that may be helpful in producing a thermogesic effect.
  • It also includes fiber which is said to be a forgotten necessary ingredient which helps keep the digestive system clean.
  • Ingredients appear to be healthy and natural.
  • Can aid in the reduction of Cholesterol and diabetic symptoms
  • Appears to be certified.


  • Appears to have to be used in conjunction with the products that appear to also be produced by Brenda Watson.
  • Appears as though it may have the potential to become expensive.


The Fiber-35 Diet is full of all kinds of things that could benefit your body. Some of these things that it can do for your body including weight loss and other things that may include ailments within your body. It is said to be a detoxifyer also. While the information that is provided seems to be of good benefits, this still leaves us with one question, is it affordable? Although it would be great to tell you that a great product has been found that is not only effective, but it may be affordable to the general public, we will have to pass on the affordable part of that statement. It is not uncommon for a product that recommends to be used in conjunction with other products to become quite expensive very quickly. If it was only more affordable, this product may have come with a higher recommendation.

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