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Fiber Jerusan Tea is a powder that is mixed into liquids and used as a weight loss supplement. The powder is sold through a few online retailers, although we were unable to find an official online presence for the product or the company that makes it. Fiber Jerusan Tea promises to aid in weight loss by suppressing the appetite, managing sugar levels within the body and adding fiber to the diet. We will take a closer look at the formula to see if it is as effective as it promises to be.

We were disappointed to find that the websites selling Fiber Jerusan Tea did not provide much specific information about the product. For example, we were unable to find a complete ingredient list, customer testimonials or scientific research to back up the claims of the product. This is a concern to us, since this type of information is essential for consumers who are trying to make savvy choices about their weight loss needs. Without such information it is virtually impossible to determine the safety or effectiveness of any product. However, we will assess the available information to see what we can find.


Jerusalem artichoke.

Product Features

Contrary to what the name suggests, this substance is not a true artichoke and it does not come from Jerusalem. It is actually a native of North America and is part of the sunflower family. This plant is rich in potassium and iron, which is thought to regulate blood sugar levels. It also contains a high level of fiber that can aid in digestive health and possibly enhance feelings of satiety so you end up eating less. However, there is little evidence to show that any of these substances can significantly contribute to the weight loss process.

The best weight loss supplements will include a proven appetite suppressant that will help dieters get a handle on cravings and control portion sizes. They will also offer an effective fat burner that will boost the metabolism and help users get the greatest benefit out of their workouts. We have no reason to believe that Fiber Jerusan Tea provides either of these ingredients, based on the available information.

Fiber Jerusan Tea sells for about $19 for an 11-ounce container at the time of this review. Since there is no official website for the product, we were unable to find a money back guarantee or free trial offer for Fiber Jerusan Tea.

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  • The product contains a high amount of fiber.


  • There is no proven appetite suppressant in the mix.
  • The product does not appear to contain an effective fat burner.
  • We were unable to find a free trial offer or money back guarantee.
  • There is no official online presence for the product or the company.


Fiber Jerusan Tea may be one way to up your fiber intake, but we seriously doubt it will do much to aid in the weight loss process. We prefer a weight loss supplement that includes a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner for the greatest odds of success.

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