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Fiber Slim comes in supplements that are supposed to diminish the customer’s appetite and improve cardiovascular health. Fiber Slim has beta-glucan, a soluble dietary fiber that comes from oats. Ultimately, Fiber Slim claims to reduce the cholesterol in the consumer’s body.

It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, diabetics or hypoglymics. People who are taking prescription drugs are advised to talk to their doctor first before taking the supplements.

List of Ingredients

Fiber Slim’s ingredients include Viscofiber Oat B-Glucan Concentrate, Kosher gelatin, rice flour, and megnesium stearate.

Product Features

One serving can contain 1,500 mg of Viscofiber Oat Beta-Glucan Concentrate. Fiber Slim claims that it can contain nine times as much fiber as oat bran. Viscofiber is made without altering the grain’s natural structure, while keeping the beta-glucan intact.

Generally, consumers take three or four capsules up to four times a day, or as much as their doctor recommends.

A case with up to 180 capsules can cost about $60, with a small discount if you buy more than one. However, sometimes you can find it online for about 60 percent off. You could also find one product with 240 capsules and 750 mg for about $20.

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  • Fiber Slim claims that it can have almost 10 times as much fiber as oat bran does.
  • It’s supposed to help you improve your cardiovascular health and keep you from gaining too much weight.


  • Diabetics and pregnant women are warned not to use Fiber Slim.
  • Many would argue that you would be better off working out and maintaining a healthy diet rather than just relying on a supplement.
  • It’s questionable as to whether the supplement is worth the money for many of its customers.


Fiber Slim gives a complete and thorough scientific account about how its product works. But the bottom line is this: it claims to help consumers lose weight and to improve their cardiovascular health.

There’s not as much information about Fiber Slim as there is information about many other diet aids or appetite suppressors. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product, but consumers want to know as much as possible about a product before they buy it.

Some opponents would argue that Fiber Slim is not worth the money. Some Fiber Slim cases retail for $60, but even though some cases can be found online for $20, consumers will still have to continue to buy them if they use them regularly. Opponents would also say that it’s best to eat healthy and work out on a regular basis in order to truly lose weight and improve your heart’s health. Sometimes people can use supplements like Fiber Slim as a crutch, meanwhile failing to educate themselves about how to lose weight and be healthy.

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    I want to lose weight. If i take fiber slim is it possibe after one or two months if im done i leave it, would i gain weight again or any adverse effect like this?