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Fiber Weigh is a product that is sold by Maximizer Health Products of Pasadena, California. Sold through infomercials, this product claims to help a person lose two pounds each week. The product claims that it works without diet or exercise.

This product is offered as a free trial for the shipping payment of $2.95. However, when a person places an order, he or she must also agree to a two month supply that can be canceled at any time.

List of Ingredients

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate and Silicone Dioxide.

This product contains the water soluble fiber Glucomannan, which claims to create a gel in the stomach to fool the body into feeling full.

Product Features

Fiber weigh claims to control hunger without making a person feel jittery or jumpy.

There is very little information available about the ingredients of this product and why they would help a person lose weight.

Fiber weigh is taken in capsule form. Two or three pills should be taken with water before each meal. These pills claim to fool the stomach into feeling full, which will cause people to eat less food and lose weight without even really thinking about it.

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  • The fact that the company offers a free trial might appeal to some who want a chance to test a product, but this is not really an advantage when the automated ship and charge is considered.
  • This product seems like an easy solution to weight loss problems.


  • There are many negative reviews of this product online. Most of these people have said that they did not like the product and that it did not work for them.
  • Fiber weigh claims to have a money back guarantee, but a purchase of this product comes with an automated ship and charge. Many people who have been scammed by this have written reviews online about how difficult it was for them to get the shipments and charges to stop, much less get any of their money back.
  • This diet product claims to work without proper diet and exercise. This product makes unrealistic claims which is usually a tip-off that the product is too good to be true. Any good diet product will encourage healthy eating and consistent exercise, both of which will help a person lose weight and keep it off.
  • The information about the product given in the infomercial is misleading. Cutaway shots and other tactics fool the audience into thinking that the product is effective.
  • Some people have tested this product to see if the pills really would form a gel in the stomach. These tests have not held up the claims of the product. People would be better off to simply drink a lot of water before eating in order to make themselves feel full.


Although this product claims to be safe and effective, there have been enough unsatisfied and even angry customers to warn others away from this product. People who wish to lose weight should stay away from this product and its claims that are too good to be true. Instead, people should look for another diet supplement from a reputable company that has received favorable reviews.

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