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FiberSlim is a weight loss supplement offered by Mannatech, a networking company that provides its products through direct distributors. This may make it difficult for some to find the products, since they are not available through online retailers or in stores. However, you can purchase the Mannatech products, including FiberSlim, directly through the company website.

FiberSlim is touted as having the ability to provide users with their daily recommendation of fiber and filling up the stomach so they eat less. While we prefer that dieters get their recommended fiber intake primarily through food choices, we recognize that many today need a fiber supplement to make up for a fiber deficient diet. However, a fiber supplement is generally not sufficient is assisting with weight loss, unless it is combined with other proven weight loss ingredients. We will take a closer look at the FiberSlim formula to see if it provides any benefits in this area.



Product Features

We are very disappointed to find that the complete ingredient list for FiberSlim was not listed on the Mannatech website, especially in light of the fact that the company recommends that one reads the product label before purchasing the product. The only ingredient we know to be in this formula is glucomannan fiber, which has been used in Eastern medicine for cleansing the toxins from the digestive tract. However, it is a bit of a reach to assume the cleansing properties in glucomannan will also assist with long-term weight loss.

The company recommends that those with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate gland. This warning exacerbates our concerns over the lack of a complete ingredient list, since it is impossible to ascertain the safety and effectiveness of a formula without this information.

A container of 90 FiberSlim capsules sells for about $38 at the time of this review. Since the recommended dosage is at least six capsules a day, this amount may not even constitute a one-month supply. The company does provide a 180-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

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  • Fiber supplements can provide a number of health benefits.
  • Products can be ordered directly from the company website.


  • FiberSlim is not sold in any stores or through online retailers.
  • A complete ingredient list is not provided for the product.
  • Warnings about the formula raise our concerns about the product’s safety.
  • We don’t believe there is an appetite suppressant or fat burner in the formula.


We tend to encourage consumers to purchase weight loss supplements that make all the product information readily available. FiberSlim does not appear to do this. Without a complete ingredient list, we are unable to ascertain the safety and effectiveness of this product. Therefore, we would recommend that consumers turn to products that provide this information so they can make informed decisions about their weight loss needs.

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